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All marketers are liars (tell stories)

Kirjoitettu 01.01.19
Esseen kirjoittaja: Petra Heikkinen
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Kirja: All marketers are liars
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Seth Godin
Kategoriat: 6.2. Myynnin ja markkinointiviestinnän taidot ja työkalut

All marketers are liars (tell stories), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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The book starts with an intriguing statement: You are a liar. The book cover also features this statement. It makes you think “wait, what is this book?” It made me want to find out what is this statement that is so out of the ordinary and what is meant by it.

The book, in short, is a book emphasizing storytelling. Authentic storytelling that is part of the lifestyle of the teller. Godin states: “live the lie”. What he means by this is that if a person tells a story that is a fraud, it is easily seen. You have to believe the story you are telling and make it authentic. This will be seen by the public and it makes people drawn to the story you are telling. The book talks about the importance of first impressions and the psychological viewpoint of making a decision to make a purchase.

We come across many types of stories in our daily life. For example when a telemarketer gives you a call. The word “telemarketer” in itself is a story. A story about someone calling you, wanting your money and wasting your time. This isn’t the case with every telemarketer, but many. Let me ask you, how many telemarketers actually are passionate about what they are selling? Not very many, and when the telemarketer calls you, it is fairly obvious that they are reading from a script. Is the story authentic? No. Does it make you want to buy the product? Mostly, no.
This leads us to one of the main points of the book: what you tell people has to be authentic. People aren’t stupid, They will see right through a badly told story, or even a downright lie, a fraud. Actual lies don’t work for long.

Godin explains the concept of a good story with a couple good examples: one of them is Riedel wine glasses which, according to the customers and true believers in the Riedel glasses, make wine taste better. They have a unique shape However scientific tests prove that in reality there isn’t any difference in the taste. How is this possible? Earlier I wrote about “living the lie”. Riedel has by his own actions proven the story to be true. People are skeptical at first but when they are told the story and they try the product for themselves, they start to believe.

“storytelling works when the story actually makes the product or service better”
Godin, 2009

You want people to buy your product. How do you do it? Even if you might assume the contrary, a customer buys what they want, not necessary what they need. Buying because of the buying experience has also increased lately. So, what do you want to do? You want to make the customer want to buy the product by making the product better with a subtle story that connects with the customers’ worldview. The same way as for example Nike has done.

Nike has built a powerful story, which makes the people think of something when they see the company’s products in the street view. The brand wants to communicate that they are a leading, well known, fine brand of sports clothing. That they are international and quality-centered. What a person thinks when buying a Nike product is that they stand behind this product, they are cool, they are wearing this because they want to seem and look a certain way, the way Nike presents the brand.

Stories really are essential. Think about the book market. People buy books without knowing anything about them, based on suggestions. Therefore, what is the sole base for the purchase? A story. Why does storytelling exactly work? The customers demand us for stories. A story makes the customer more emotionally connected to the purchase. A great story is subtle, connects with the customer’s worldview and hence makes sense. In conclusion you therefore want to tell a remarkable story to the customers, which leads to the believing and the retelling of the story. This is how magnificent stories spread.

What this book has given me is the realization that I have to improve my story telling skills because yes, also from my personal experience, a story captures my attention in a whole different way than just facts. Therefore, to grasp the customers’ attention, stories are essential for success. A story is everything. You can influence how people feel about your brand by telling a certain story. A story is way more that you might think, it is an essential part of a brand, be the brand what may. Great stories bring great successes.

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