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Guerrilla Marketing, Fourth Edition by Jay Conrad Levinson

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Kirja: Guerrilla Marketing, Fourth Edition
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Jay Conrad Levinson
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Guerrilla Marketing, Fourth Edition by Jay Conrad Levinson, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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This book covered an extremely broad range of topics, namely ‘two hundred guerrilla marketing weapons’. It is a very concise collection of tips and ideas, all being a part of one greater idea, the guerrilla marketing. The book makes the reader understand the ingeniousness of the idea, how smaller companies can reach incredible results by working in ways out of the ordinary instead of the mainstream.

The book starts with an introduction to guerrilla marketing, which has been something I have been interested in for a while now. I have always thought I wanted to run my own company someday and now that I am going to be a part of a team company, I should start to find ways to create a model of marketing that would be useful even for a smaller company with a limited budget.


So, what exactly is guerrilla marketing?

It is a way of marketing that is more creative and more customer centered and personalized. It is an ingenious way of marketing often used by smaller companies due to the fact that their budget reserved for marketing often isn’t in the same category with larger companies. It relies on vivid imagination and the usage of technology to your advantage. Guerrilla marketing pays attention to all details involved in the process, and most importantly, guerrilla marketing is a dialogue. A dialogue between the company and the customer, that forms a relationship between the two.


Guerrilla Marketing as a concept is invented by Levinson himself. The book focuses on giving small scale entrepreneurs tips that are worth their weight in gold; it reveals ways of action that can get you streams of customers without it necessarily costing more than you can afford, at the same time some of the ways of marketing being completely free. The book is thoroughly sprinkled with useful real-life examples of customer psychology and good ways of marketing differently than others.


The book gives the reader an infinite-seeming array of different ways to boost your marketing, not forgetting real life examples of each. Some of these ideas are really useful, and some are directed to people with more experience from the marketing field. Some that really caught my attention were the following few points that were very relevant to my situation with entrepreneurship:


  • The importance of personalized service
  • The importance of word of mouth marketing
  • The vitality of product testing
  • Online marketing as the most important of all marketing media


Some marketers often overlook certain facts, for example that keeping an old customer costs one sixth of the money it takes to gain a new customer. This is why it is extremely important to remember the following: The relationship with the customer doesn’t end with the sale; the sale is merely where it starts. The small entrepreneur should keep in touch with the customer with regular follow ups that are personalized. I can totally confirm that this works: I have been buying art supplies from a small web store for a couple times now and what really has my attention is how they sign the invoices by hand. Every time they send a package, the invoice is signed. This gives off the vibe that my order is appreciated. This is something I will put into action when dealing with my own customers in the future. The feeling that was evoked in me by the signature at the end of the invoice, has been one that I would definitely want my customers to feel too; that they aren’t just one customer among many, but special to the company.

Spamming is forbidden. Your emails to the customer should be few, but effective, personalized and genuine. Even if you would have a large amount of customers, it is still worth the time to address each customer personally for example in the contact letters. This ensures that the customer feels cared for and stays with your company. Nowadays it is increasingly easy to direct email to the recycle bin. This is a popular story and one we don’t want to repeat. We want the customer to be interested in what we have to say and feel valued. Frequent emails aren’t an act of respect towards the customer’s time.

How do you make a customer a customer and not just someone? Converting prospects to customers happens by using some, or all, of the following; classy, professional, inexpensive brochures; intensive, caring follow-up, and personalized service. Gift certificates were also used as an example in the book. They are great in any service, and Especially with a service where gift certificates have not been used. So whatever service you provide, be sure to think through the possibility of a gift certificate.


The customer is also going to talk about the service he or she received while dealing with your company, that is why it is very crucial that your customer service is top notch. This will result in positive word of mouth referrals, referred to as ‘buzz’, to the friends of your customer. It is just a fact of human psychology, that people want to believe what their friends say about a certain company and based on good word of mouth referrals will be directed towards that company. Word of mouth marketing is understandably a top channel for many companies to spread information about their services.

Levinson used a restaurant gift card- example in his book; a restaurant owner gave restaurant gift cards to beauty salon workers near his place of business. The workers came in and used the gift cards and loved the place. They then proceeded to tell their customers about their visit with resulted in increased sales at the restaurant. Guerrilla marketing at its best. It is therefore very important for us also, as a team company, to always move forward with a flawless attitude, one of a customer service pro with the customers’ best interests in mind.


Testing before commitment is crucial. Too many projects go south because of the fact that in small groups the idea might sound fabulous, but later when the sales numbers start coming in, you realize something is wrong. You should give the customers what they want, so before you commit into any project, make sure that it serves the purpose that you thought it should. In our team company we should definitely hold surveys or polls to ask customers what is their opinion of our new project or service, and based on the feedback, be ready to modify it to better fit the needs of our customers.

The book presents a powerful example of the launch of a flavored Coca-Cola drink, it’s enormous marketing campaign, and the result of very sad sales numbers due to the fact the project crew didn’t know what the customers wanted when they were designing the product. They didn’t know the customers. The flavored Coca-Cola wasn’t what the customers wanted, but the project crew were unaware of this fact because it hadn’t found out what it was that the customers wanted.


The importance of online marketing cannot be overlooked. Anywhere else you advertise, be it in a magazine, radio, billboard, anywhere; you only reach a fraction of the people you want to reach. Online marketing on the other hand is a channel which reaches everyone, in their home. It reaches way more people than any other media and because of its interactiveness is a great media for guerrilla marketers who want to create dialogues between the company and the customer. This is why online marketing is said to be the first and most important tool of a guerrilla marketer, after all, what way of marketing would be able to compete with all that online marketing provides? None. Also at the Team Academy, online marketing will be the at least one of the most wide ranging ways to market. I also look forward to improving my skills as an online marketer during my time at the Academy.


Reading this book definitely gave me new insights to marketing and how it can be viewed from very different angles. Guerrilla marketing is a valuable way to look at marketing and I view it as very useful for our future projects as a team company.



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