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How to talk to anybody, anytime, anywhere

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Esseen kirjoittaja: Ville Mäkeläinen
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Kirja: How to talk to anybody, anytime, anywhere
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Chris Widener
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How to talk to anybody, anytime, anywhere


Many people are terrified of speaking public. I don’t only mean speaking on the stage, but also small chit chat with people that they’ve never met. Being able to speak has huge advantages. People loves to listen people who can talk and who they can trust. Being able to speak helps you to grow your business, sell more, find new friends etc.. Networking is important for anyone who is doing business. You will find new contacts, who might be your customer / partner / co-operator at some point. And when you find a connection with someone, it’s always much easier to give them a call later in the future. ‘’Hello Joe, remember, we met on that networking event and you said that you are working on that line of business and I was just wondering…’’

Try to find connections anywhere you go. Whether you are in the bus, air station, airplane, in a store, at your hobbies etc. It is not hard. People always think that when you talk with someone, you must be some sort of cool dude and make them be interested of you. That’s why many people don’t talk with each other. They are afraid of some kind of rejection. Let me tell you a secret. You don’t have to be interesting. BE INTERESTED.

That means that ask questions. Be interested and curious of other people. You don’t have to ask any super intelligent questions, just basic chit chat to find some kind of connection. If you are in the plane, just ask ‘’going home or leaving home?’’ From that question it is so easy to get more out of him. If you are on a networking event, just ask questions like ‘’where do you work, what do you do in your job, what does your company do etc..’’ just basic questions. Then try to find connection, that what common ground you have with him. Then just keep going on that direction. When you find something mutual with the other person, it is much easier to build trust. And let the other fellow be the star of the show. When he says something, be like ‘’damn, that’s cool.’’ Make him feel, that he is interesting person. It’s true that people always loves to talk about themselves.

When you hear someone’s name, memorize it, and call him by it. People love to hear their names from other mouths.

Ask questions. Find connection, go in that direction. Let the other person be the star of the show. Be interested more than interesting. Remember their names, call them by they’re names. That is truly an easy way to get the conversation rolling.

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