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Our Iceberg Is Melting

Kirjoitettu 20.03.15
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Kirja: Our Iceberg Is Melting
Kirjan kirjoittaja: John Kotter, Holger Rathgeber
Kategoriat: 1. Oppiminen, 1.4. Uusia tuulia oppimiseen, 2. Yhteisöllisyys, 4. Johtaminen, 4.4. Johtamisen haasteet

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Our Iceberg Is Melting – John Kotter, Holger Rathgeber


I read this book in Finnish, but now I want to start writing essays in English, just for fun and for exercise. Somehow writing in English gives me this bizarre boost.


I read Our iceberg is melting for our Learning Circus program (=trip to Europe). Second book I actually liked for its way of writing and telling important things. The writer tells the story straight for its readers and I like to read that kind of text. Also text was slightly humorous.


In this book, there was a simple problem what needed to be fixed. The iceberg was going to melt and the penguins couldn’t live there anymore. One of the penguins saw the problem and he told it to trustful, open-minded and powerful penguin. The powerful penguin told other leader penguins, who first didn’t want to believe it. But with evidences and a model of their iceberg with visible problems, the leader penguins finally believed what’s going to happen. They gathered up and told everyone.


First reaction was not so nice, you can imagine that one. But with leader penguins’ opinions and smart sentences the whole penguin group started to look for options. Couple months passed and they found one: they will start moving one place to another, just like seagulls.


This wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t a smart normal penguin who told one open-minded and powerful penguin. The leader group consisted of five different kind of penguins: there were brains, hard worker, public’s favorite, leader and interesting one. They didn’t understand each other but still they managed to work together and found solutions. I could say that our Learning Circus team is like that; there is one of every one. Or two. Or three. Same goes for our little company.


This next part is in Finnish, because I’m lazy and “don’t have time” to translate it:

Ajattelutavan muutos saattaa auttaa muuttamaan käytöstä ja johtaa parempiin tuloksiin.

  • Kerää tietoa ja analysoi sitä.
  • Esitä tieto loogisesti, jotta ihmisten ajattelutapa muuttuisi.
  • Muuttunut ajattelutapa saattaa vuorostaan muuttaa käytöstä.


Tunteiden muuttuminen saattaa muuttaa käytöstä vielä enemmän, jolloin tulokset voivat olla vielä paremmat.

  • Luo yllättäviä, haastavia ja, jos mahdollista, visuaalisia kokemuksia.
  • Kokemukset muuttavat ihmisten tiettyyn tilanteeseen liittämiä tunteita.
  • Tunteiden muuttuminen voi johtaa merkittävään käytösmuutokseen.


Iceberg is the problem. We need to find solutions for our ”icebergs”.


The book has it own page: ouricebergismelting.com, where you can find John Kotter’s thoughts and also his own international page.

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