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The 25 Most Common Sales Mistakes

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Kirja: The 25 Most Common Sales Mistakes
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The 25 Most Common Sales Mistakes


Mistake number 1. Not being obsessed

Every day I make about 50 cold calls, depending of course from a day’s schedule. From these calls, I usually get maximum of 5-8 good conversations. From these conversations, I book roughly 1 appointment per a day. I usually do that 3 days a week. That means that during one week, I book 3 appointments. From these appointments, I usually get to write an offer to everyone. Closing rate for offer is about 70%.

Whit this I am saying that you must be obsessed of getting to make them calls. Because once you know your product, its only about the volume you make. The more calls you make, the more appointments you book. The more appointments you make, the more offers you write. And everyone knows the last one.

Have a daily routine, that is success orientated. Be discipline, meaning that don’t chit chat too much with your colleagues and use your lunch breaks also to make phone calls. When you use your 30-minute lunch every day for calling, just think how much is it in yearly bases? And with those hours, how many more sale will you made by just working at lunch breaks?

Utilize everything, meaning to take all benefits from surroundings. Talk to colleagues and use some of their lines and improve them, listen audiotapes, read, referate….

Don’t overprepare, just do it. Many times, picking up the phone gets a lot harder when you think it too much. Just pick up the phone and call. In most cases, you know the product better than the client. So just call, ask questions, found out the potential and his needs and give a pitch what problem does your product solve for him. Simple as that.

Prospect is not your enemy, she’s your fiancé. Many times, salespeople fear the prospect. Remember, that the prospect and soon to be client is vital for the company’s wellbeing.

Mistake number 2. You talk too much

Let the customer speak also. This is common mistake that most amateur sales people do. Once you learn that, you will achieve a lot more.

Listen. Lean forward. Take notes.

Build trust.

Don’t interrupt customer, but let him interrupt you

Watch out for buying signals.

Ask about customers problems, and offer a way to solve them.


Mistake number 3, not emphasizing with prospect

Put yourself to customer shoes.

Try to establish what is going on in your customers daily life

Treat him with respect.

Be sincere. Care the people you talk to.

Be concerned of your prospects problems

How to take control of a meeting:

First of all, you always have to have your notepad and key with you. Sales can usually be divided into four different stages. Prospecting, interviewing, presentation and closing. Most crucial stage is interviewing. Usually by the time you go to the meeting, you already have prospected the customer for example by cold calling. He invites you to your office, you shake hands, have some small talk, try to find some common ground, and he asks you to sit down. Then prospect asks: well, what can I do for you? And to that question you must be ready. Most people fail on this early stage. How you should handle it: ‘’Well Mr. Prospect, I work for VRT Finland. We are the largest operator in this field of business and we have been working with over 50+ customers in this industry including ……

And the reason I’m talking to you is to try to find out if there is anything we can do to you to add value to your asset management and maintenance planning. I have few questions in mind for you, is that OK?’’ Then take your notepad and key. This tells customer that you have made your statement, you oversee the conversation, and that you really are interested in your customer problems and needs. Then you ask about the past, current and future of the subject.

Not keeping up with past clients.

It’s always much easier to sell to past customers. Don’t take anything as granted as it comes to that clients remember you. Call them, how are they doing, ask about plans for the future regarding your product / service. Just keep in touch like a one professional to other.









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