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17 Indispensable Laws of Teamwork

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Kirja: 17 Indispensable Laws of Teamwork
Kirjan kirjoittaja: John C. Maxwell
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Individuals plays the games, but teams wins the championships. Even every great man such Steven Jobs, Albert Einstein etc. has been a team member. So it’s seems like a great team and awesome teamwork consist of talented individuals.

John C. Maxwell has wrote a great book of indispensable laws of teamwork. I pick some of them and wrote down my thoughts.

Ingredients of a good team player

You want to be a good team player? First you have to give up on this four things:

  1. Ego
  2. Insecurity
  3. Being naïve
  4. Temperament

Your ego is just on the way if your team want to be the best. You and your team have to have a shared goal. People have to work together to achieve the shared goal. Look the big picture and focus on that. Leave your own ego in the background. Insecurity people usually either control everything or be scared that someone more talented take their place. Let everyone shine and trust in your team members. Nobody isn’t a superhero, everyone needs support and other people.

Team building

There was a funny lending in the book. “It’s all right to aim high if you have enough ammunition”.

That’s a good sentence to remember when you set goals for your team. If you have enough talented individuals, you can aim high. Another good thing to remember is that when every player takes the right place on the team, it will maximize team performance and it potential. You are the most valuable where you add the most value.

If there is weak links on your team, it’s possible that he or she can be a star with in another team. That’s little bit difficult in Tiimiakatemia because it’s not possible to change your team. You have to study and do most of the business with your own team.

Good and positive attitude have the power to lift up the team. I believe in this and that’s the reason why I try to be positive and happy every day. I try to give as much as possible good energy for everyone and make them day a little better. Attitude is catching, think that! Negative energy is more catching and it easily drag down the whole team. Every team have over-pessimist team players who has habit to think too rationally and usually it turns to negative thinking. What comes in when you come in?

And in the end – Any problem, big or small, always seems to start with bad communication. I think that communication is the most important thing in teamwork. You have to communicate with everyone with everything. Tell even your smallest thoughts! It’s vital! Lack of communication is like a virus. It cost mistrust, quarrel and bad feelings.


Sunny spring for everybody!

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