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Start with why

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Start with why?

We all need meaning and purpose to our doing, not just follow orders and do things that must be done for money, like Teemu Kankainen calls those peoples modern day zombies. Well  it is acceptable, because we need a lot to live according to the western standards, but would life be more better to enjoy and have a why for it.

”Start with why, How great leaders inspire everyone to take actions” book by Simon Sinek  not only wakes up your calling to your doing, it teaches inspiration as an way to make people follow leaders.

I heard about this book from few podcast and its called must read because book correlates with everything what the person is doing and should do. I have been lazy about finding this book.. great thing that i got this book from one of the team academy graduates.

Well then lightbulb went on and i realized that this is perfect book to read in start of the year.

Why controls everything

People always make promises/goals like in new year, “new year new me” way. Many don´t have made aims often, that is too bad, by making goals often and achieving them gives more trust to big changes, like for example your new year goal is to change yourself completely from fat to fit.. Its too hard, it will eventually fail and you get the weight back unless you have direction/visio  from the source of why? why you want to lose the weight?

Actually before even knowing  the power of asking why in everything I do and act with question why, i have realized its benefits in my life and done it, sometimes less sometimes more.

This book has pretty deep meaning to me, the whole concept of why.. why  are you doing what you are doing? It is important word that sums up the meaning of doing.

But it is an word that can´t be forgotten, if you follow automation/brainlessly orders you might not always do according to your deepest desires. As I said about zombies, modern world has its more and more, even i have tought money as the most important thing most of the life, follow money and you will be happy.

Well yeah, money is a heck important thing, but j see it more like a tool for great things. I  start to understand that doing  stuff you like and in addition getting money from it is ideal for me, like my cousins grandfather.. wilderness guide enterpreneur, planning his own schedule whenever he wants and seeing it more as a hobby of his lifestyle.

In process of making essay i definitely woke up what is important to me and be selfish in things you do, no one else controls your vision.


Manipulators and inspirations?

Simon says! that there is only two ways for people to act, carrots or sticks

It is a double edged sword, obviously both are effective but in different ways. Manipulation is more like short term success making employees work for you but as long as you keep manipulating them their

Golden circle

Golden circle is a core belief why certain type of business exists. This makes fundamental difference, as high achieving corporations like Apple is said to have it compared to anyone else. Why   drives real focus in an organization and can be used to help influence every decision made inside the company, after knowing it why helps people know the Whats and Hows.

Rengastie travelguide services

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”


What`s your purpose behind the business?

I want to make money.. Well yes, everyone does work for money, but we see it more like an by product and a result of success.  We are interested in tourism, want good experience in it and make Archipelagos culture to thrive. I see big possibilities because archipelago is so unique because of its pristine soil and  by some definitions it contains the largest archipelago island group in the world. At the current state, we don´t see it living its golden era, archipelago tourism is literally at no state.. no tripguide services at all. We have possibilities to be pioneers!


How do you do what you do and what is your unique selling proposition

With fresh, sales and marketing like intellectuals. We are new to tourism, so growing desire to learn, build and develop tourism is present towards travel guide services. At this present moment we need to make the profitability calculations, get our content to archipelago sea guide brochure and contact local municipalities/cities/funds for marketing support.


Our mission is to guide culture and nature interested groups from finns (young adults and middle-aged) and foreigners anyone whatever trip guide they want.. we have It for them. At first mainly from finished guideroutes.

I have praised golden circle a lot, but it ain´t  a universal business belief why everything exists. Like for example, salespersons need to start with Who and then they move to same belief pattern Who? Why? How? What?

Not great for everyone

Golden circle the best tool that this book has to offer ain´t necessary be the the best for every business plan.

Salespeople always start with Who.

Then they move to Why, What, and How. And then eventually to When, and How Much.

They know that far more important than what you say is getting to the right person to say it.

If you don’t get to the person with authority (with proper decision-making power in the sales process) all the Why, Who, and What won’t make enough difference to close a sale. This is especially true in the business-to-business (B2B) world.for everyone

-Ken Krogue, contributor of Forbes


Like for salespersons it can be good but you have to modify it more to be efficient.  I think generally golden circle could fit very well for many things.

Good justifier and explainer for your actions, with it you could inspire people to rally your business to skyrocket!

The catch

The biggest catch what have I got in my mind is that what ever you do, you  have to have deep reasons to make your mark last. If you don´t have reasons for your actions and so called dream/vision  you are charging it you find it helpless. In the process I have started  been more attentive on things what I do by asking the question. I think this has purposefully brought me closer to my interests of passion. Like working for small home town Sysmä. that I love was my passion in passiontest… well now im marketing for  local currency of Sysmä.

Great things happen when you are chasing dreams with the why without giving up!

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