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A Networking Book

Kirjoitettu 28.11.16
Esseen kirjoittaja: Aleksi Iittainen
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Kirja: A Networking Book
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Paul Renaud Jr.
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I bought this book after Paul’s presentation about the importance of networking in Budapest. We attended a event called Team 4 Learning. He was by far my favourite speaker of all.  His speak got me thinking about the many ways that networking could and has helped me in my life.

An example that came into my mind almost immediately is that I’ve gotten most of my summer jobs by networking. It’s much easier to get a job when someone is recommending you to the employer. This has been true for me, because I’ve gotten my jobs via networks, be it my friends mom or my football coaching careers supervisor. Networking will come back to reward me if I don’t do it to gain something from the other person. We had a networking practice at the event and we also got some tips on how to approach a group that is mid-conversation. It was a great reminder that networking isn’t as scary as it sounds.

The hardest step is to start doing instead of thinking.

In the book Paul describes different types of networking styles and gives some examples on how they have helped people in their situation. He also puts emphasis on helping people without wanting anything in return. The good deeds will come back eventually. Someday you find yourself needing help from a specific line of work and then you dig up your networking list or linkedin profile from the person in the right line of work and you ask him for advice. He’ll gladly help you because you’ve made a lasting impression during your first meeting. This is important, because if he doesn’t remember you then he’s less likely to answer or help you in your quest.

WDYK? – Who Do You Know?
This sentence stuck to my mind. Who do you know is a simple question that will help you forward finding your target contact. ”WDYK in this specific industry that knows the head of this company?” This could be very effective way to contact anyone in that line of work. It’s so much easier to contact someone by saying ”Hi, Peter send me to speak with you about your connections.” than it is just to cold call a number you found online.

To keep your network warm you need to maintain it regularly. This means calling your contact once in a while and remembering his birthdays etc. You don’t want to be a person that only makes contact while needing something because pretty quickly they will just stop answering your calls or emails. In networking it is essential to actually be interested in the person on the other side. This is one of the main differences between a good and a bad networker.

This book inspired me to make a networking excel sheet of my connections. It also gave some good tips on how to make contact with your network, one example was by adding BTTC (Best Time To Call) to the excel sheet so you can be sure not to bother and to make contact and not waste your time. It also made me realize how important networking actually is. I’ve been doing somethings in networking for a long time, but not effectively.

Overall I liked Pauls performance on stage and his book opened new ways of thinking to me. It was well worth the read, even though some of the examples are from formal business world that is pretty unknown to me at the time.

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