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Small Potential

Small Potential means individuals are going towards individual achievements alone. Before I heard about Big Potential I focused most of my energy aiming to achieving small potential. I wanted to be the most hard working, most talented, most successful and so on. Now that I read Shawn Achors Big Potential I realized that this mindset’s hidden cost is a burnout and loneliness. It takes so much effort and time to aim to be ”the best” compared to making others better. By making others e.g. more creative around me, I will also become more creative and that will help my workflow. You can only go so far alone.

Even though I feel like I am not acting on social media, this book really made me think. Until now I have not posted basically anything negative there since I am pretty optimistic person. I want it to be more authentic. The problem is I do not feel negative emotions and that scares me a bit. By being more authentic to others I will also help myself by becoming more authentic to myself. I will start to embrace imperfections. Connections are two way roads and by not speaking about my ”flaws” I may make others feel they are not allowed to have imperfections. That will make me seem like ”a better person” which is the image that I certainly do not want to be associated with.

Dream team

It is not only going alone that will limit your true potential. It happens also when you are surrounding yourself with people only like you. The more cognitive differentiation the better. I realized that I spend most of my time with people exactly like me (about same age, same interests, school, life-situation etc.). I started to think all the people with whom I have spent time and especially those that are not 100% like me. After a while spending time in my own head I managed to build my own dream-team on paper and I started phone-calling my friends on that list. Actually some of them answered and told that they are very interested in this kind of self-development group.

I am optimist and dreamer. I usually spark up the room with my energy and make others feel like this is a good thing to commit to the plan. The downside of my enthusiasm is that my energy usually goes a bit down when the actual action starts and I am super busy with my 1 million ideas and ongoing projects. So I thought who I need in my dream team so we could all unlock our full potential. I need pessimist / realist, doer and the opposite thinker. I need people to fulfill my weakness. I need people to execute my plans and also criticize them, because I cannot do it very well on my own. Now that I found the people to my dream-team for personal growth, we organized the first meeting to take place within a couple of weeks.


Big Potential

We can go so much further together. I realized that I do not want to be the best anymore but rather be the guy that brings out the best in others. I truly want to unlock my big potential and I certainly cannot do it alone.

”Make others shine brighter and you will shine brighter as well

Formula of unlocking the big potential, SEEDS:
SURROUND yourself with a Star System of Positive Influencers.

EXPAND your power by helping others lead from every seat.

ENHANCE your resources by becoming a Prism of Praise.

DEFEND the system against negative attacks.

SUSTAIN the gains by fueling the Virtuous Cycle.

How to lead team to achieve Big Potential?

First step is to make people understand their worth and their contribution to bigger picture. We as a humans love the sense that we are doing something meaningful and we hate when we lack of it. The easiest way to help people see their worth is to ask ”Why?” as many times as it needs to be asked. Even the most boring tasks can become pleasant when you are connecting it to a bigger picture. For example as I am writing this essay in the middle of the night, obviously I am tired, but the idea of educating and giving value to the whole team keeps me going.

One of the best ways to make others feel that they are a meaningful part of the team is to give everyone some responsibility. Make everyone in your team to feel like a leader. If people know that they have the power to change the environment, the chances of it happening increases a lot. By helping others to see their worth, we can turn them into prism of lights enhancing everyone around them.

The sense of meaning is the most powerful source of inner motivation. Sometimes people forget the meaning and need some reminding why something they are doing is great. For example in Team Academy we should make the visitors more visible to us. That way we could create a sense of meaning via other people traveling to Jyväskylä from across the globe ”just” to learn from us. Sometimes we need these kinds of reminders.

If you want to see positive chance, compliment someones ability that you like. People have a natural need of fulfilling the expectations and you raise your expectations by complimenting them. They will start doing more of the thing you mentioned and by that you can become  a magnet to pull people on a positive direction.

The sense of meaning related to stress

We stress only the things we care about. If you are stressing over something write down why you care about the topic. Everyone has something meaningful and via that reason something to stress about. Everyone has stress so do not avoid it. Instead try to use it as a source of energy. It is possible when you connect it to the meaning behind it and focus on the meaning.

We need to help people to see stress as a groups challenge and not as an individual burden. How to do it?

Well, when you have stress
1. Think who else has the same kind of stress as you. You are never alone with your problems.
2. Instead of dwelling with your friend try to solve your friends problem. It is usually easier to think solutions for other people and by doing that you will help out both of you.

Sometimes is just good to take vacation and actually I came across the benefits of doing so. Main benefit for me is improvements in productivity and recovery. I actually already booked work / vacation trip to Lapland with my friend. It is a work trip in that sense that we will have a couple of customer photo/video projects there. Even though we work there it feels like a vacation to us since we would anyway take photos and make a video from our trip. This is the first time that I plan my work life so that I can have as stress-free trip as possible. That means I will try to shorten my to-do list as much as possible and I will delegate my some of my responsibilities to others. This is true power of the team, you do not have to be alone.

How to use Big Potential?

The magic of inspiring is in the details. Ask yourself a question, how smart I make others? How positive? How much more happier? But first you have to help people visualize what that brighter future could look like. Not only visualize goal but also and more importantly how to get there. Only visualizing your goal will make your brain satisfied and therefore lowering your motivation on striving towards the final result. If you are instead thinking the ways of how to get to your goal, you are much more likely to achieve it.

To help visualize your goals, write those. Actually not only write, write as vividly as you can. The more you can see, smell and touch the future the more likely it is going to happen. Write often what kind of person you could possibly be. Discover your own big potential and figure out what kind of people you need in your inner circle to make it happen. I actually draw my dream, a YouTube corner and put it on the door of my fridge. Now every time I go to kitchen I am reminded of my goal. And more importantly also the goal of my fellows since we are starting our own YouTube channel.

If you want other people to achieve some big things as well, tie their goals to concrete feelings. Tell them the positive comments what people will say about them. Help them to visualize the experience.

Lastly, as a leader remember to also celebrate peoples strengths and achievements. It will increase the sense of meaning which is the core of all well-being and success.

We are thought from very young age to pursue the small potential. We have to shift our focus from being a superstar alone to doing things in a team that is pushing everyone in it forward. The true message of Big Potential is that ”Make others shine brighter and you will shine brighter as well”.

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