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Customer Genius

Kirjoitettu 26.11.13
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Kirja: Customer Genius
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Peter Fisk tells in his book how business has become as customer-centric as it nowadays is. The customers have taken the control of our markets, demanding that we do business on their terms. Their expectations have risen and the customer-loyalty has become rare. The world has become a whole different place and now we need to start to think by the way of our customers world view.

How is it that customers are now more and more demanding and expect to get better and better equivalent for their money. One reason for this  is that they have become individual. This has brought us to the point that enterprises have to serve their customers more flexible. That means that productisation of goods are much more difficult. They need to be done to serve as many people as possible. So that this is possible, enterprises need divide their customers in to different sections. This is how the enterprises can for example send a different marketing message to each section that encounter them as good as possible.

One of the biggest things what I learned or realized from this book was that customers have become more emotional. This means for example that people decide to buy things rather because they want, not because they need. I have done quite a lot of advertisements and in them I have always listed almost all of the features of the product it’s been sprung to my mind. Now I realize that what I need to inform customers about are the benefits they get from the product. We look for the perfect house, considering the bedrooms, location and floor space, but then fall in love the idea that it is by the sea.

Setting up a business vision, the company usually thinks them to be the best or the biggest company in the world. Instead of thinking vision through the companys basis, the companies should think it more through the customer basis. A customer could for example think “the company is made for persons like me. It wants to find a solution to my problem and wants my live to be better. I want this company to make me do things that I have never done and thought to be impossible.” I really think that this could be a very good business vision. I think this could be a good point to refresh our team companys vision too. One of our recent visions is for example funniness. It should be “the customer enjoys to make business with us”. This is the way we really could bring our visions to our business.


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