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David & Goliath

Kirjoitettu 30.07.15
Esseen kirjoittaja: Katri Rutanen
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Kirja: David & Goliath
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Malcolm Gladwell
Kategoriat: 3.1. Yrittäjien elämänkertoja ja yritysten historioita, 7.1. Luovan ajattelun työkalut, 8.1. Filosofiaa, ajattelua ja mielikuvitusta yrittäjälle

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I started reading David and Goliath in our Learning Circus trip in Europe. I thought I’d try reading a book in english and if it was too hard I would quit. Suddenly I found myself reading this book page by page and I was very excited about it.

David & Goliath is about disadvantages and how they can be turned advantages and another way around. People usually think that the big, strongest and wealthiest always win and succeed. Malcolm Gladwell proves that it isn’t always like that with loads of examples.

One example got me wishing that I had a dyslexia. Usually people who have dyslexia are categorized to be those people who cannot have good grades or get good jobs. Education system requires good reading skills to get yourself through the system. When I was in ”normal” school, I had to read and read and read and then memorize everything to get through exams. Actually after the exams I forgot almost everything I had memorized so that wasn’t the best learning method for me. For a person with dyslexia this is almost impossible.

In Gladwells example a boy with dyslexia goes to law school and becomes a very successful lawyer. How can a man with dyslexia become a lawyer where you have to learn everything from the books? He was a great listener. Because of his dyslexia he had to listen people speaking and discussing. He learned everything outwards and that way excelled in law school.

Actually many of the worlds successful business leaders have dyslexia. And mainly because of the same reason they have succeeded. They have had to listen properly and learn how to negotiate.

It is sad that people (teachers etz) underestimate very easily those who have some sort of ”learning problems”. It is clear that no human being is the same and we all have different ways to learn. This is something that happens very often in Finland too, in elementary schools, vocational schools etz. This is something that we have been trying to improve in a few vocational schools and we’ve had good results. When you trust and believe in someone, they can really thrive.

One example tells about kids who come from poor families. There are also many big company leaders and entrepreneurs who come from ”nowhere” and end up being very wealthy. The main point is that they had to work very hard from the beginning to earn money. There was no question about vacations or days off or anything like that. Only hard work. That working morale made them succeed and build something that no one would have ever guessed. Disadvantage turns into advantage but it can also turn another way around again. Many wealthy people who have created that wealthiness from nowhere struggle with the same problem: How to raise children so they wouldn’t grow up thinking you don’t have to work to get what you want?

Just like in the story of David and Goliath, everything isn’t as it seems. One interesting example was about the Impressionists. Everybody knows them now but there was a time when they struggled how to get their paintings in to the greatest art show in Paris in the 18th century. It was very hard to get your paintings into the ”Salon”, almost impossible. Claude Monet and his friends were struggling to decide if they would set up own display or try to get to Salon where the most important people of Paris went to see paintings. They made their own display. it was such unheard-of deed at that time that they gained a lots of attention. Rest of their story is history.

In summary, disadvantages should not be underestimated and always things that seem to be advantages are always not. Very mind-blowing and awakening book. It had also some psychological elements that are always interesting.


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