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Do Cool Sh*t

Kirjoitettu 16.05.16
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Kirja: Do cool Sh*t
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Miki Agrawal
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Do Cool Sh*t

Miki Agrawal


Quit your day job, start your own business & live happily ever after. This quite much summarizes the whole book. Book is written in a story mode from the authors perspective. Miki tells her story how she ended up being a entrepreneur and shares many valuable lessons for a non-entrepreneur.

My journey starts already when I was 6 years old and trying to sell the horses for the customer. If we did sell the horse with my mother, then I would get a commission (= Toy from the store).

This book was really easy to read and I find it inspiring story for a person who ever has thought of being entrepreneur, or even for a person who hasn’t. It has a hint of comedy in there, but also the main clue is inspiring story about a girl who has no clue what she wants to do.

Book didn’t give me anything new, all I learned of this book is more of the American culture and the American style of thinking about things. Obviously that is also valuable for me, but in a different way. Book is very overall picture of what entrepreneurship might be and where you might find your calling – “Living the dream.”.

Few key points did make sense and are applicable for the Finns.

Culture of giving

It is fascinating how different the culture is compared to Finnish. In Finland it is really honorable if someone gives you something. IF you need to ask someone for something – oh boy – now that if something is hard for a Finn! As I have understood from the Books, Movies, Series and actual people of the States, it is very common to give people good. So in this books case she raised a lot of money for the business by asking. Now in Finland – I would never see this working. Giving someone random money for a business where I benefit nothing of it – Nope.

Stop the same old, same old.

It is always crucial to keep your mind fresh. Do stuff, experience stuff. You have to go far to see close. This applies to everyone, and I have myself experienced this too many times.

I have seen too many people stuck in this very state. They think that ok, this is working ok, let’s keep this. And after 20 years or so, they are already blind for change. They don’t see any possibility for change to the companies’ policies and actions.

I have myself kept this in very close mind. I have traveled, experienced the world and I still keep in my mind where I come from. 1 Year lived in Belfast, jumping over the seas where I knew absolutely no one. American football connected me to the locals though and I have to thank whole Belfast Trojans family for the opportunity.

Winning over already lost customers

This was actually good. We have experienced same disaster launch with JEFU Store. We have lost few customers because of lack of inventory and because we had no live information of stocks. This has partly now fixed with our own warehouse / Showroom. We are still growing up and building our warehouse to have reliable status on our online store. Now after fixing the biggest issues > Delivery problems > Unknown stocks > Lack of communication. We are now in the part where we need and we want to get the old customers back with our improved warehouse.

So how shall we do this?

At a JEFU Store we can do this many ways since there is lots of possibilities. One of the best ways to do this and most beneficial is to offer free shipping coupons. Shipping costs us 7,50 € including taxes and that is still very valuable thing for the customers. Even if it is not much, it is still something!

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