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Eat that frog!

Kirjoitettu 07.11.13
Esseen kirjoittaja: Saija Valkonen
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Kirja: Eat that frog!
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Brian Tracy
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Brian Tracy: Eat that frog!

For the first time I listened to an audiobook, the book was Eat that frog! by Brian Tracy. I noticed that listening is far faster than reading, especially when it’s about an English writing. Of course I didn’t understand everything Brian Tracy was saying but I caught some really good points surprisingly well; next there are couple of the main points.


Eat that frog first in the morning

Brian Tracy’s book is about eating a frog, not in literally though, by eating a frog he means doing the most uncomfortable thing. Tracy says that the best way to get it done, is to do it immediately in the morning. As when you have eaten a frog in the morning, you know that during the day there won’t happen anything worse than that.

I really like that thought and actually I started using it already; I really hate calling, and the whole last year I had a terrible phone fear. I noticed last week that it really helps when I’m making the calls for the first thing in the morning. Then it’s done and I can relax the rest of the day. Little by little I’m getting over my fear and I have noticed that it really becomes easier the whole time! Another good example of eating a frog is when about a week ago I went to one breakfast meeting with people I hadn’t met ever before. I was pretty nervous but I made it (!) and afterwards I felt really good because I knew it was the hardest thing I had to do during that day.

Eating the frog sounds really bad and like Tracy says, most people don’t eat it; they make themselves busy with other things even though they know that it would be the most important thing to eat the frog. Tracy describes the frog that it is the thing you know, has the best results if you do it and has the worst results if you don’t do it. Even though people observes this, they don’t do it as it’s not so comfortable. According to Tracy, these people are the ones who don’t success and the secret to success is to do things that are uncomfortable; the easiest way to do them, is for the first thing in the morning.


Make plans

Tracy encourages to make plans. He emphasize that the most successful people have goals and they make their choices the goals in their mind every single day. I have noticed that the day is a hundred times easier when having a plan for it. Tracy says one should plan a month, a week and a day. When you have planned your whole month it is easy just move things from your monthly list to weekly list and so on to daily list. This sounds pretty good and I’m going to try it as right now I feel I’m having terrible much to do so making plans is really necessary.

One of Tracy’s advices is related to making plans: “you’ll never have enough time to do everything – you have to decide”. When you’re having plans and goals in your life, deciding what to do is way easier. But if you’re just waving around and not knowing where you are going, making decisions can turn out to be insuperable. It’s like Millio’s last year! We didn’t have a clear goal for us and nobody knew what we were supposed to do and how much we should earn so we could cover up all our charges. That’s why also our self-leading and our team-leading was pretty bad. Nobody knew where we should go. Right now, we are about to change. We had really good innovating with our team and afterwards everyone felt totally motivated. Now everyone knows how much we have to earn to cover our charges. It’s not yet everything we have to know, but it’s a really good start. Even though I was unmotivated and negative about our team earlier in this autumn, right now I couldn’t be happier that I’m in team Millio. I feel like we’re able to do anything when we stick together. For a little while we forgot that and we had really bad atmosphere in our training sessions. For now on I believe we’ll stick more together and we’ll find out again what the team playing is all about.

Pat Riley has once said that “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse”. That’s what Millio was doing; we weren’t moving at all so actually we were getting worse – and we didn’t even realize it! All in all now we are finally getting better again and we are getting more done with our team. Many teams have been saying during this autumn that they are increasing – we haven’t, and I truly believe that we doesn’t even have to; as everyone is going to see that happen.


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