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First things first

Kirjoitettu 23.11.16
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Kirja: First things first
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Stephen R. Covey
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First things first is not just about time management, it’s about personal leadership. Many people, including myself, try to figure out ways to get things done. We think that more you do of your tasks in life, the better your life will be. Many times I have found my self trying to fit everything possible to my calendar. That may not be the best case if you think about life in a bit wider perspective. Stephen R. Coveys book First Things First gives some proper thoughts about important things in daily schedule.


During my time at Tiimiakatemia I have learned a lot about self management and time management. I have learned to use my time more effectively and get more things done. Still too often I realize that no matter how many things I figured to do during a week, it still doesn’t take me forward towards my goals. The point is in what you do more than how effective you are. If I had to think for myself, I’d say that I’m a student, an entrepreneur, a coach in floorball team and a part of my family. If I use 80% of my time to for example working with my clients as an entrepreneur, it propably would’nt take me there where I want to be after two years. If I want to have more knowledge about business, have more contacts, live happily and see my family quite often, I would definitely have to use my time to other things too.


It is a long road to find the balance in life when everyday gives you new possibilities to start a new project, hobby or a relationship for example. I have gone forward many steps since I started at Tiimiakatemia. That time I didn’t even use a calendar and obviously I was late from many places and forgot meetings and hobbies etc. Since I started using calendar I have been able to be there where I was supposed to be on time. But only during last year I have learned to priorize things a bit more. For example during my first year as a furniture retailer I didn’t have time for hobbies and I didn’t play floorball quite often. Then I realized that I need to put things to calendar in an order I want them to be there. If I want to see my family and go to my hobbies I have to give time for these things.


In Coveys book there was an interesting matrix about how to use time in what kind of things. I changed the things inside quadrants to match my life more than the writers.


The matrix was separated in four different quadrants:


  1. Important and urgent = Crises, Deadline-driven projects, School assignments, meetings
  2. Important but not urgent = Future planning, Relationship building, Preparation, Values clarification
  3. Not important but urgent = helping in friends projects, Furniture business, Some meetings, Facebook and whatsapp conversations
  4. Not important and not urgent = Social media watching with no point in it, other time wasters


For myself I can straight away say that I use way too much time in quadrant three and four. Quadrant number one is always there ofcourse but I’m a bit more concerned about quadrant four. Many times I have found myself just browsing the social media channels and looking for stupid videos or photos. That is one thing that I try to do much less. This book gave me an idea about trying out this matrix tool. If I did write for all my time using for one week in these quadrants I might get scared. Happily now as the final thesis of my studies has been in important role I have had to use less social media and I think it has made me feel better already.

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