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Few things on copy

Kirjoitettu 05.04.16
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Kirja: Write Copy, Make Money and Ideawriters
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Andy Maslen, Teressa Iezzi
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I’ve read some Andy Maslen and Teressa Iezzi. Both made a book on copywriting with very different approaches. Maslen is talking about freelance copywriting and running a 1-man copywriting business and Iezzi is writing about how copywriters job has changed during the age of digital marketing.

It’s good to start out with the question who exactly is a copywriter? Back in the ages marketing was done by one of three or all: print, radio, TV. Copywriting was “Ad writing”. There was no need to reinvent the wheel for every single campaign you made. The simple goal was to create a flashy TV-ad which was then viewed by everyone, everywhere. Some of the viewers reacted to the message and bought products and services. There was really little segmenting to be made, or well direction wise at least. Ads were targeted to someone of course, but the ways of distribution didn’t offer any efficient way to reach people specific to your target audience. Copywriters wrote the ads, media apartment made it into something visible and attractive. Launch it. Repeat.

Nowadays one could call himself a marketing consult of sorts. Copywriters are experts in writing stories that sell and make you sell more especially. That’s their job. The use of marketing channels has evolved during the last decades and the TV-spots from the golden ad-age are long gone. That’s why these storytellers have evolved with them. Digital breakthrough has had the most impact in the ways of reaching customers and telling stories. Iezzi talks about Consumer Control Era, in her book. She means that due to digitalisation the ways of sending and telling marketing messages has changed so that customers themselves make the marketing in a way. Take social media for example, Facebook perhaps? When you launch a FB campaign you put yourself out there. You write an ad, which your potential customers and those who are not can comment in and tinker with it. It gets shared in good and bad manner. People share their feelings about your product, tell others about it and share everything. Anyone can go trolling around in a company’s social media and throw words around. It has effect. Back in the days of TV-spots being the main channel to send a message, things were different as we know.

Agencies and freelancers. It’s a question of self-employment versus working for someone else. According to Maslen, freelancing is the way to go if you are keen on business and developing your skills in that area in general. As in all freelancing, landing jobs on with a decent rate can be the turning tipping point here. Sales are not for everyone, though you are in the business of selling already. You sell by words, but closing deals is different. The other question is that you really have to ask yourself if you want to spend your time writing or running your business. As a freelancer you will have to keep doing everything but writing for 2/5 working days of the week. Whilst working for an agency your job is to solely write campaigns that sell. So in the end the question of freelancing, to be or not to be, is a matter of personality and personal preferences. Moneywise, freelancing allows you to earn a bit more or a bit less, depending on your business developing skills. Not so much on you copy, says Maslen. Agencies also have media apartments and such, which as a freelancer you have to find for yourself also. You should focus entirely on the copy and get a partner for the artwork. The risk of freelancing is to get confused on which things to focus on. Is it sales, marketing, finding a better media partner, or the copy? How you lead yourself in a 1-man business pretty much defines is you make it or break it.

I’m writing these thoughts on copy from Bilbao. I’m currently working here for three weeks on behalf of Tiimiakatemia. Our job here is to market the Deusto Business Schools new Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Leadership. It’s a new Master, launching in September for the first time (in case we manage to market it well enough to get the required amount of applicants). The Master uses the traditional ways of learning such as lectures, exams and such with Tiimiakatemia’s Learning By Doing methods. It’s been interesting so far and I’m looking forward to wrap it up in the last week and start waiting for the results. Copywriting in mind, I’ve given a lot of thought on the approach I would like to take in the marketing. The programme is new, different and appealing in many ways. Our so called Unique Selling Points have been revolving around getting hands on experience in entrepreneurship, learning project management and leadership in real projects with real customers and really experiencing in business development in general.

One of my favourite ideas/stories to plant into target market is this:

Picture going to driving school again. You sit in the classes, listening the theories, basic rules of traffic and how to drive. Imagine that you would get your license handed to you after passing the exam on the subjects above. That is the traditional way of Universities. Now picture this. Apart from the things mentioned earlier, you get the driving lessons, you get coached by your driving instructor and others in the driving school give you a boost. That is the way this Master programme differs from the others. It gives you an unique chance of learning the skills in action. I guarantee you will be more confident building your career when starting out with real experience on business.

That’s one of the stories to tell. This message has been applied to one of our Flyers that we made here for marketing purposes. The headline was “Stop looking for work, Start creating it!”. After that there was a sub-heading saying “How to Success” and a simple three step how, with the call to action to apply for the new Master. I’m proud of the business magazine looking flyer. It came out sweet.

After increasing my knowledge in Copywriting I’ve started to see copy everywhere and it truly is everywhere. Iezzi uses some epic campaigns as examples in her book. Some of the copywriting campaigns in the book are worth checking out. Google these:

Whopper Sacrifice (Absolutely epic)

Halo 3 Believe

BMW Films (watch them all)

Personally I’m interested in direct marketing copywriting at the moment. I’ll try to land a longer type, newsletterish type of deal with a few potentials I have in mind. See if I could boost their sales.



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