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Friend Leadership – A Visual Inspiration Book

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Esseen kirjoittaja: Teo Tarri
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Kirja: Friend Leadership - A Visual Inspiration Book
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It all begins from the journey to inner you. For myself it has meant over year of truly seeking my purpose and clarifying values. Everything started at Tiimiakatemia just three years ago. We were told to take responsible of our own lives from then on. First it meant full freedom. Back then I was a team leader in our 17 people company. I was not sure what the expectations were and to where I was supposed to lead these penguin-be-like peers of mine. I was on a point where I had just applied to the university to learn and to be teached. Was I ready to or true learning? On that I was a learner who didn’t knew that I didn’t know.

To create ourselves we need to start the journey to understand our action controlling soft values. Some of the values might be so deep in our traditions and culture that they are hard to point out to a resource. For example Finnish people are well known for honesty. To guide our own learning and development during Tiimiakatemia we were introduced The Learning contracts.

It has simply four questions:

  • Where have I been?
  • Where am I now?
  • Where I want to be?
  • How do I know when I’m there?

At start it seems easy to answer the first two questions. But then it comes more challenging. I have picked up thing from my past, which most likely influence my current being and beliefs. But then the questions turn to my unpredictable future. I remember it being weird to tell others what I’d want to learn. For now I’ve understand the power of thinking big. I have found bigger goals more excited to deal and go for. And if you try to change the world you might end up creating something new – usually the world changers are the ones who want to make a change and contribute. But back then it felt like lying to others and mostly yourself. Great visions were not for young Finnish lad. So at least I decided to lower the bar and expectations. I remember my coach telling us about how those who set up their targets and life goals, gain more and get to the top by the possibility higher than the others who don’t.

Fourth question is for the measurement. From years of experience I can share the view that you’ll get what you measure. It is important to understand and make clear to yourself how do I know I’m satisfied with the results. I’ve learnt that every action is measurable. For instance I have wanted to become better public speaker and presenter. I’ve created ways to measure this. I always ask “how was I” and I don’t settle for okay. I develop from the kind of feedback I get, how often I get to the stage and take chances to speak to the audience. I get clear date on how big audience I’ve conquered or how many “well done!” comments I get.

Learning contract is tool for thriving to better results. In my own case Learning contract is a guide to my next six months. I think that behind every successful six months is meaningful but also the misty long-term vision. At now I’m thinking of taking Scrum-sprints into action to my personal life.

After understanding your development not only the goals keep us on the right track. You need to discover our inner values which guide us through daily living. After they are clarified the decision making comes automatic. Your shopping bag shows what you represent, appreciate and what you keep in value. After crystallizing every important value enormous amount of energy unleashes itself and frees to be used into tasks of different kinds.

Ever since I understanding the importance on Learing contracts at Young Leaders – Tiimiakatemia leadership program, Pentti Sydänmaanlakka’s Kokonaisuuskuntoisuuden kolmio, opened my eyes to balanced and energized life management. Understanding yourself and controlling your actions can lead you to empower and lead others! After using the original triangle to support my learning contract I found out from the other sources, such as Arviointipassi and own desire. There were three more mentionable points, to keep everything in right balance. Usually when the triangle “falls part” we lose the balance and control. Then we easily blame the environment and say “there is more job than one can shake a stick at” Take actions before they take on you!

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