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Glipmses of Individual Learning

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Kirja: Glipmses of Individual Learning
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Now that 3,5 years in Tiimiakatemia are behind me, I started to think about my teampreneur’s character and how it has changed during Tiimiakatemia. I have learned a lot, and most of all, I believe I have learned to learn.


Before Tiimiakatemia I was enthusiastic, eager to start new things and I liked beeing with people. I graduated from high school and from vocational school on 2010 after making two degrees at the same time. Sometime during vocational school I got an idea that I will be an entrepreneur even though I had thought that is the last thing I will do. In 2012 I established my first company. It was called Sopiva, and it was a small sewing business in our new apartment in the center of the town.


During Tiimiakatemia I have learned that before I did not listen. That is the biggest learning I have had during the first 2 years of Tiimiakatemia. I was one of the people who liked their voice more than others’ voices. I listened but I didn’t hear. I see It’s hard for me to work with people who don’t realize this about themselves. It is hard to get any good results from discussions if there are people who don’t hear what others say and who only like to tell their previously made opinions about the topics. I am working on this skill of dialoging, maybe this is one of the things that will never be totally ready.


I am stubbern. Before Tiimiakatemia I was really stubbern. It is something I have heard all my life in every occasion. I have learned that it is not that simple what that word hold behind it in my case. I like to discuss and argue. I like when people have good arguments and the discussion flows and everybody has good points with some reasoning besides ”because that’s what I think” or ”because this is the way it has been before”. Could it be, that stubbern is me without dialogue skills, and good speaker is me with dialogue skills? I am somewhere in between at the moment. To have good dialogue and discussions, the other partie also has to have discussion skills, and like I have learned, some reasoning. In my team, I often find myself in a position that I am frustrated about some desicion if it was made without good reasoning. I have had some feedback from my team that many times I still continue asking and opening the discussion even though everyone else has understood and agreed. I don’t know why this happens, and this feedback wasn’t clear to me, and we laughed that in that situation again everyone else understood but me. This is neverending.. In cases like this I find myself rebellient against it. I also got feedback from my team that they like when I am so thorough. They said it is good that someone is. Again – contradictory.


I questioned everything. I wanted to do thing differently. I hated the words ”Because it has always been done like this”. I have never liked doing things the same way everyone else does or buy the kind of clothes everyone else wears. This has only gotten worse. It has changed it’s form. Now I think more ”How can I do this better? Why is it like this, can I improve it?” When earlier I didn’t think anything else except that I don’t want to settle for the first way that comes to mind. Different was a reason, now it is cause.


At vocational school I also heard that I am arrogant. Teachers said that when I was presenting my final work for them. They also said I will never be an entrepreneur with my attitude. I am still not sure what they meant by that, maybe it was their chance to tell me all the things they had been thinking during the last three years. I got the lowest grade and memories that will never go away. At that moment I decided I will show them and everybody else that they are wrong about me.


I have heard this comment about arrogance many times, and it hurts to hear that. I don’t want to be or seem that. Arrogant means that you think you are better than others, over them. I do not think that about myself. I have always been confident, and I have a bad sence of humor. I also say things without thinking and then I regret afterwards. I hope these are the things why I have had feedback about beeing arrogant. If not, I don’t know where it comes from and I can’t change it. Luckily this feedback hasn’t been around for years, I have tried to improve myself in that area. How to be confident without seeming arrogance? Talk less. That is so simple. Talk less and do more. That’s what I do.


I have come to the conclusion that my teacher’s comments about me being arrogant comes from questioning, confidence, saying the wrong things and not doing what they say. I have not been the best student. In Tiimiakatemia this changed. All of a sudden questioning was GOOD! We actually could do what we wanted and making mistakes first, asking afterwards was the normal way. I dind’t have to be the rebel anymore, I could focus on the right things instead of fighting against the system. This has made feel better about myself.


This whole paper is about reflection. It is a big skill I have learned in Tiimiakatemia. All the good discussions with team mates, the whole team and our coach has developed this skill of self reflection. Feedback is key, and without that nobody can develope. My team has said that I am the best in our team to take feedback. In the firts year of Tiimiakatemia I figured out that feedback is not a bad and scary thing where others will say all the bad things they have been wanting to say to you just to make you feel bad. It is the only way to find out what are the things that affect to other negatively, what makes working with me harder and most importantly what are the things I am good at and what I should continue developing and why. It is the situation where it allowed for others to say these things out loud and thay don’t have to feel they are trashtalking you. Feedback is difficult for everyone, but just by doing it you will master it. I would like to get and give more feedback but it still feels hard. It needs this special environment and mindset. I am improving on this.


Learning has just begun, and I have had a lot of great tools that allow me to continue on that learning path. New challenges come after old challenges don’t challenge anymore. I will never bee finished.

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