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Good Business

Kirjoitettu 20.11.13
Esseen kirjoittaja: Sara Savolin
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Kirja: Good business
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Mihaly Csikszentmihaly
Kategoriat: 4. Johtaminen

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First of all, I wouldn`t recommend this book to anyone, unless you like difficult and too civilized words, no matter how intrigueing flow is as a subject. That`s why I struggled through the whole book, craving for the point where it would turn to be understandable and interesting. But in vain. Of course it still made me think what is flow and how do I experience it?

I have recognized to had a flow when I`m doing something with pleasure, I lose my sense of time and I`m completely focused on present and the thing I`m working on.  Flow needs the right kind of subject to work on, but also the right environment and circumstances to reach it.

Especially when doing birth givings with the team, even if it`s 4, or 24hours, it`s almost a standard that in some point of the case, there is a flow-time without exception. The time given makes it possible and your mind is set like you just don`t do anything else in the meantime, your whole time is hallowed for the case.  Your day is kind of scheduled, so that you know when you will have your breaks and lunch hour. Sounds like this might disable the flow, but since the timetable is still quite flexible, it`s better than to have every options open what comes to using your time. Usually then most of the time is spend thinking when to have those breaks, and they become more important than the job itself. As in most of the cases in life, well prepared is half done, and in case of scheduling birth givings also.

When something, like a project or team`s system like money-issues are considered very important, it`s very likely that we will have a birth giving about it. It seems to get people to the exact mindset, that for example trainings don`t provide. I don’t know why, but in the trainings it`s easier to start talking about something totally different and get lost with the subject. Multitasking is not as cool as it is sometimes thought, because while multitasking, it`s nearly impossible to do anything completely focused and as well as it could be done.

To experience flow, it is very likely that one needs to be motivated on some level and to have enough challenge in comparison to one´s knowledge and abilities. For example, we had to create a new way to share our profits so that it would be more equal and in “harmony” with the effort you have given the work, since when people feel they do more than the others and yet get the same share out of profits, it soon leads to lack of motivation. So we needed to create something new. The subject was clearly motivating, and it definitely provided challenge to all of us, and therefore 10 hours that we spend on that case, just flew by!

As a repeat, things you need to experience flow:

  1. 1. motivating subject to work on
  2. 2. right environment and conditions
  3. 3. enough challenge
  4. 4. no multitasking!
  5. 5. vision about where you want it  (the work you are doing) to lead you


Apparently I got more out of the book than I first thought, because while writing this, I experienced flow-kind-of-state.

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