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How to make your life better and more fulfilling

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Esseen kirjoittaja: John Blåfield
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Kirja: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Robin Sharma
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How to evolve from living a normal life to live a more fulfilling and extraordinary life.  I think that was the main point of this book. Most of the stuff that where written in this book where simple practices that one could take to change one’s life for better.

If one can take a positive practice and make it a habit, then in theory one could make everything in daily life better. How to make a habit? That is an interesting question that has been given an answer in this book. By taking a practice and doing it relentlessly every day for 20 days a practice will stick and form a habit. And if you have a bad habit you can replace it with a better one and stick to it for 20 days. Then the bad habit will feel as an unwanted guest and leave you.

It can be hard to spot a bad habit. Everyone know what is bad for them, still they are many who do these things nearly every day. For spotting a bad habit one must do some reflecting on themselves. An example from the book goes like this. At evening think back of all the things that happened that day and write them down. You will notice stuff that are negative. Think how you should have done them better. Visualize them in your head think how you should have acted, and what could have been the more positive outcome. I think that this same kind of reflecting could be used more precisely whit for example eating habits. Write down all that you eat in one day and reflect on the bad stuff and think what you should haw eaten. If you don’t know what would be an improvement ask your fit friend to record what he is eating for a week. Compare your and his answers. You will notice what you are doing wrong.

In this book wellbeing is separated into tree different categories. First one is mental wellbeing. How can you be happy if you are mentally unstable. There are few thinks that one can do to train their mental wellbeing. First is a moment of silence every day. It would be good to make this a habit. Go to a silent and beautiful place for a moment and concentrate into something simple so that you will forget the worries of your life for a moment. Think only of the beautiful things, this will have a positive effect on one’s mind.

Positive thinking is also good way to make one happier. By thinking and acting positive in the morning one can improve the whole day. You can also go so far as forcing yourself to laugh so that your mood rises up.  I think that laughter yoga is all about forcing yourself into good spirit.

Mental strength is important but one can’t hope to be mentally strong if one can’t eve handle their physical health. There are concrete things that one can do to increase their health. First thing is to eat more healthy food. I love the taste of well prepared pork beefsteak, but it doesn’t mean that I should eat beef every day. Meat is not too health for human body. From ecological and healthy perspective, people should change their eating habits to more vegetarian like diet. Decrease meet in your diet and increase healthy vegetables and fruits. I strongly advise you to replace most of the snacks with fruits. I like carrots as a light snack, they are easy to prepare and rally tasty. I don’t even bother to peel them so they are extremely easy to prepare.

Strength and flexibility play an important role in one’s physical health. In this book it’s strongly advised to make strength and flexibility practices a daily chore. Good breathing is also a key point in healthy body. One practice that combines all of these things is yoga. All other sports are good also. Wellbeing of your body is also a matter of your working habits. Try to increase your ergonomics and do a lot of small acts of everyday life that are meant as exercise. Take the stairs rather than taking an elevator.

Third of the categories of wellbeing is spiritual wellbeing. Life lacks something fulfilling if spiritual aspect is neglected. The most important points of spiritual wellbeing are to try think positively all the time. Also reading and studying is really important. Studying makes you feel mental growth at the same time as you are getting precious information into your head. Just reading for half an hour a day will do rely big difference.

By reading and reflecting on what you learn you can change yourself for the better. By changing yourself for the better you will have a positive impact on all that are near you.  Positive things that you do for your friends and family will help them feel better and affect others with the positive feeling. You can also increase positive impact by really trying to make people feel good with acts of kindness. This will make others and you feel better and happier.

So in summary the key for better and for more fulfilling life is making acts that increase your mental, physical and spiritual health an everyday habit.


John Blåfield

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