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This next book, that I red, handles real estate branch. Branch that I am familiar with, because I have been working since September as a real estate agent. In the future, it is plan to continue with my teammate to be real estate entrepreneur in that company where we work right now. So, our challenge and goal is to do something new in this “oldish” real estate branch.


Appropriately, company that this book handle´s, was a company, that tried and did bring something new to that industry. The book´s name is Igglo- sky´s the limit (Igglo- Taivas kattona) and it is written by Matti Kasso, who was one of the founders of real estate company named Igglo. In this essay, I am handling things that are important at this current time and in future to me and developing our company.


Who buys houses?


“Professional owners and real estate investors make´s regularly only just about 10-15 percent of all of the house sales. So, the markets are run by just ordinary house buyers and sellers.”


Some people believe that most of the house sales comes from investors. That is wrong belief. Most of our company´s clients are just ordinary people. Of course, some of them are buyers who are going to put house/apartment for rent after they have bought it. But they are not professional investors. Therefore, in the future, we must think in our firm, that should we concentrate our marketing just for professional investors or take one segment of ordinary people, and concentrate on them. My opinion is that we should put our effort to young customers. I believe that young will buy from young. I think that young customers will do business rather with young and easily to approach company, than old style and maybe a little scary real estate companies.


Why use real estate agent?


“It is easier to ask hard questions from real estate agent rather than the owner.”


I have heard sometimes that in the future, it is becoming common, that you sell your own house by yourself. I don´t believe that. It feels that every year Finland´s real estate branch laws (Like in every industry and tax rates, fuck..) are tightening and new responsibilities are coming for the seller, therefore it is easier to use a professional agent who does sometimes complicated things that you need to know when you are selling your house. So, our company must be a real estate agent company that does everything for you when you want to sell your home. Also, it has to be very easy to become our customer. How do we do that? At least, I think we should inform clearly what is our commission for selling customer´s house. Personally, I think that we should consider wrapping up our commissions in some price range levels. If we do that, it´s easier to know how much costs are for the seller. We could also consider that we show prices of houses that we have sold. Igglo did that too, but they did it with a too heavy process. They wanted that sold houses and their prices could always be exposed to everyone. I think that our way could be like that sold houses in last month could be exposed to everyone.


Customer satisfaction


Real estate agent is basically not a salesman. Real estate agent’s mission is to get the property owner and the prospective buyer together. Therefore, an agent has two customers in one project. Or maybe he is a hardcore salesman. Normally buyer buys and salesman sales to certain customer. Real estate agent must sell many times before he can close the deal.  First he must sell and market his company where he works to potential customer, so he can get assignment to sell the customer’s house. Then he has to sell that house in open-house showing to potential buyers. After that, an agent must deliver potential byers an offer to the seller and sell it to him. After that, it is possible to close the deal. So, as a summary, the agent has to sell many times before he can close the deal. It´s not an easy job.


One thing that occurred to me in the book was that in a good apartment deal, the real estate agent calls couple weeks after the deal is made. In our company, I don’t think that we execute that very well. As I see it, that is one thing that we must do in future. At the same time we can ask customers feedback to apartment buying process.


“Customer should be given feedback not only how the sales are going, but also how they are not.”


Improvement area is also in our company that above quote from the book. We don´t give enough feedback to our clients. One reason for that is Pekka, our boss. Because Petri and I don’t have LKV- degree, we are not able to get our own clients. Therefore Pekka has too many clients just for him. It is impossible to keep contact with everyone at least every week. Although we should be in contact with them every week. We must develop some kind of system in that, how we can easily keep contact with them and give feedback to each other.


The most important quality in company


“Brand is companies the most important quality. Brand is the image of the company, it´s the product, quality and price. Brand is the reason, why someone should choose certain company. People pay for the brand and that is what sells companies. Brand is also external face, but more internal face: affect, way to act and pledge. Successful company has a brand strategy. But to be successful, you have to concentrate also to your competitors and to their weak spots. Then you can be different and succeed.”


As the writer says in the book, everything can be copied or bought. Therefore, your company´s internal brand is very important. Because ideation and boldness can´t be bought, you can just learn them. Company that keeps it´s courage and ideas, succeeds in competition against other companies. We have to somehow grow our brand to that kind of mentality. I want us to be the company that everyone knows in real estate branch, that we are a bold on courageous firm.




There were most important things in my essay, what I got from that book. It was nice to read from a company, that tried to do little bit same things that we are trying to do in the future. Lastly I want to quote author Matti Kasso, to get some comfort and to remind me in to future, when we are trying to invent something new to this business.


“Renewal of the branch is rather process than once crash. Nothing old changes at once. New becomes old faster than you can renew old.”

Jake Vitikainen


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