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Kirjoitettu 11.11.19
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Ilkka Halava visited the Team Academy and talked about the future and what is to be expected from our near future. The talk was very inspiring, and hopeful.

World has always changed. The younger generations have always changed the world to be better In their opinion while the older generations try their best to keep it the same. This time the change has happened faster that even. The digital era is the fastest developing change in the history of the world, and will continue changing the world even faster, and we should be ready for the change.

The example of the counting stick factory of Switzerland, a good and well known one, summarized the idea well: Texas Instruments launched a pocket calculator and the calculator sticks were a dead business in a heartbeat. They weren’t ready for change at the counting stick factory, and that ended up being fatal. Ilkka also predicted that by 2050, 52% of the companies listed in the top 500 of 2000 will have gone out of business.

By 2050, we are going to consume 50% more food, 45% more energy, and 30% more water. This is very problematic, as the capabilities of food production in the world are very limited. However, the food system is changing rapidly, soon people will be growing their own food, as well as consuming. Also new sources of protein are being invented.

There are two groups of people in the world: the ones that realize the future cannot be altered, and the group that tries to alter it anyways, thus the future is left entirely in the hands of the latter group. This group is the entrepreneurs. In this changing world we truly are fortunate to be students of the team academy.

Cryptocurrency, personalized medicinal healthcare, the nonexistence of people with no social security because of the lack of a nationality are also pictures from the future. The people that now have no social security will be having full access to it through the disappearance of the social security number.

Illkka talked a lot about the machine glorifying mentality that there is in the world right now. He showed a picture of six men, one of them standing on his head. Most people identify one problem instead of five. The society of today teaches everyone to be carbon copies of each other and innovation isn’t seen for its true value. It is often thought that machines take people’s jobs, but Ilkka explained this very well: if three people do a job, there is a machine that is being purchased to do their job, the company will have to hire three people more to run the machine because it is so efficient. So no, a human should never compete with a machine, but instead be above that. Not to cut lawn with Fiskars scissors instead of a lawnmower. Therefore, it isn’t the question of whether you work hard, but instead whether you work smart.

The human overpowers the machine by the power of creativity and innovation, and the ability of envisioning a better tomorrow. Therefore a machine will never take people’s jobs, but people should stop keeping jobs that are meant for machines. I was very inspired about this talk, it is very valuable to have heard Ilkka Halava’s talk about the future. It gave me new perspectives about how we should view the future and take action!

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