Tiimiakatemia on Jyväskylän Ammattikorkeakoulun yrittäjyyden huippuyksikkö

Information adventurers

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Creating entrepreneur-minded society

What I’ve learned these years at Tiimiakatemia that the spirits of organizations are quite differing. Coming to Tiimiakatemia has definitely been my life’s second turning point. It has shaped me in ways I can’t fully understand yet but for the most it has teached me how to observe my own development and environment. Spirit of Tiimiakatemia, TA-Spirit, is something I’m keen to hold on to where ever I decide to go. Now as last autumn is ahead, I’m on a point where I want to stick with those amazing friends and entrepreneurial people I have met here. Lifelong learning has seriously started roughly year ago and I’m looking forward discovering more.


Today I was thinking the WHY of my “secret” blog. There are now multiple posts, different from each other. Some in English some in Finnish, one about life-lasting learning another commenting to African documentary. I decided to start writing from the scratch. What would I like to teach to the world and people in my network? How could they benefit from my thoughts? How will my actions change their lives?


Teamlearners and sessions full of respect

My future scenario of entrepreneurship is about being a freelancer entrepreneur in a tribe. Working on their ideas in a herd of likeminded people where professionals are having pure dialogue together – selling themselves and businesses to the others and sparring in networks. I decided to search the make-believed picture of entrepreneur. I googled and searched the most well google-optimized and adworded pages about the topic “Who are entrepreneurs” “Characteristics of entrepreneur” “Definitions to entrepreneurs”

I found out things I thought I would find. Classy punchlines about superhero-like persons having everything in order to work on their passion. Doing long-lasting days, taking risks as an innovators and making rewards for giving products to markets, working on their own dream. What I have discovered at Tiimiakatemia is a thing of entrepreneurs learning as co-creating. We call ourselves teampreneurs. It’s a role where we not only are responsible on our own doings, but also developing the team and the teamcompany. Teamcompany works us as a platform of testing ideas, doing business and having advanced true dialogue to broaden our perspectives.

These are the characteristics I want to internalize to my future tribe. We have during this summer built together the brandembassy FutureThinkers. Our goal is help Finnish brands to get the deserved appreciation world-wide. I see my mission of creating Finland’s best learning environment for future entrepreneurs parallel to that. I got proven skills in teamworking, teamlearning and teamcoaching. I believe that future workplace is built within every of us, but we’ll be shaped by the people around us.

Who are the five people nearest, who you let to shape you? I believe in to Jim Collins and his experiences about the people you spend the time most with, turn similar to you.

I have discovered the importance of right people. I also understand the reason starting from the WHY. Now I’m on a mission to discover influencing environment to support entrepreneurship.


Information adventurers

Plato, the church and teachers, master and apprentice, me, you

Through every travel we’ve noticed that the knowledge is the ultimate
power and way to success. It gives people tools to not only work harder
but work better.

Creating knowledge is always a process which leads to change in
actions. Ideas and thoughts are detached before they are connected into
experiences and actions. Education helps learners to implement their
acquired learning into action. As we’ve gotten familiar with the Dunn
& Dunn learning style model in which, one of all models has the
sociological stimuli, we understand the contributors of learning.

The model comparts overall of five stimuli. These are environmental,
emotional, sociological, physiological and psychological factors. These
previously mentioned factors have depth in elements like sound, light
and temperature which either somehow increase or decrease the process of

As in this learning style model, so have we discovered the importance
on teamlearning. People will learn better if they can learn by their
own methods but especially with someone who knows their weaknesses,
strengths and goals. Pair or group of peers with trust can build up
results unlike any other.

Education is teaching our children to desire the right things

– Plato

At the beginning of March we organized two workshops leaning on
teamlearning methods. The topics were 21st century skills, such as
communicating, innovating, decision making and teamwork. We worked with
primary school students aged 10-12 years.

We found out that overwhelmingly good vibe amongst the learners as we
remembered them to use their own mouth and ears in relation to amount
of their own ones. During that session kids were encouraged to focus on
communicating not competing. When kids learn young to respect others
opinions and ideas it’ll be easier for them to adapt to changing world
and its needs.

Outcome of teamlearning is something that bunch of learners can
create in symphony together towards a common goal. When commitment and
trust are built there will be results bigger than learner. Therefore one
plus one is bigger than two.

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