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Innovation is not about producing unicorns

Kirjoitettu 15.12.16
Esseen kirjoittaja: Olli Leikas
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Kirja: How to Kill a Unicorn
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Mark Payne
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Any team entrepreneur from the Tiimiakatemia Finland that has thought of selling the innovation product called Synnytys (Birthgiving in English) should look up for the book How to Kill a Unicorn by Mark Payne. The author is the founder of Fahrenheit 212, a global innovation firm, that specializes in setting up strategies, identifying opportunities, building up pipelines etc.

Sounds familiar. Except for the fact that Fahrenheit 212 works with the largest companies in the world; Coca-Cola, Samsung and Toyota to name a few.

While reading, I was drawn to the idea on how this could be a potential place for a co-operation. The Fahrenheit 212 company would have a great potential in mentoring young team entrepreneurs, because one of our products and main processes of learning is similar than their spearhead product. When we start to appreciate the knowhow and techniques we’ve practiced for years? Could this be one of the reasons why Tiimiakatemia as an educational platform is after 20 years plus, still known by not so many?

In my opinion we should see ourselves as professionals from the starting point forward. Well maybe at the start as a pro without experience, but that’ll change by doing. Luckily the learning method of Tiimiakatemia has always been “learning by doing.” And at this point when we have in rotation seasoned and rookie teampreneneurs the same time, we are able to form mixed teams from the start. That is, if Synnytys would be actually considered as a crucial product within all of the teams that operate within Tiimiakatemia.

How can we ever compete in skills seriously if we don’t consider ourselves topnotch business experts? Fahrenheit 212 description of itself is: “a high-performance innovation SWAT team, able to solve companies’ most complex, mission-critical challenges.”

Could it be for us the time to kill one of the unicorns we’ve let inside of our thoughts. A unicorn is an idea that looks great at the start but will only be brought successfully to life in a dream world. Yes, our way of action is years ahead of its time (has been..), but now everyone’s catching up and this way of action is still far from highly profitable.

Fahrenheit 212 believes, as we do, in mixed teams and the method they use is called Money & Magic: they combine money experts – commercial, financial and strategic experts together with highly skilled magicians who know how to navigate consumer wants and needs such as designers, writers and architechts.

What can we learn from Fahrenheit 212 on sight that can be adapted into the process of birthgiving already? We should do a lot more ground work and meaning to spend a lot more time on the field gathering information. True inspiration doesn’t just hit you right in the forehead and the goal is to always serve the customer’s customers and increase value for them. This research phase should produce a lot of ideas on the spot on how to answer best on the customers need and only after you’ve got some real statistics and base for the ”how,” can the team start to address on the factor that turns the solution into “wow.”

Also we should try to go after a little bit larger companies to begin with, because they probably will have more capital to pay for outside help and also they are probably needing this kind of view, since the world changes rapidly and the larger the company the slower is the response time against new competitors.

Hopefully one day we’ll get to do some things together, because I believe that there’s a lot that we can learn from each other. Also I’ve noticed over the years that everyone needs a “sparring partner.” At some point we could try an arrangement and solve each other’s challenges as organizations with the methods we practice and then arrange some sort of learning environment to open up dialogue on the results, chokepoints, inspirations etc.

As an entrepreneur that’ll head into different markets in the future, but still be practicing the skills on innovation processes at least the next year or so, I’d be delighted if some form of co-operation would see light within the year of 2017.

For all the teampreneurs and coaches reading this; get to know to the company called Fahrenheit 212, if haven’t already.

For all the Fahrenheit 212 personnel that happens to read this text; hoping to get to know you and welcome to Tiimiakatemia in Finland!


Olli Leikas

+358 44 5222673


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