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Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

Kirjoitettu 19.12.16
Esseen kirjoittaja: Juuso Nieminen
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Kirja: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator (Ted Talk)
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Tim Urban
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I don’t know does this video have very much information based on its content, but at least it is very funny and so true. It is a wake up for every procrastinator who has been fighting with the issue of unfinished work. Usually our schoolwork, essays and unpleasant tasks are done in a short period of time, in most of the cases during the last week or days. This happens even if we have plenty of time in our hands. We procrastinate.

It is strange why we find time for all the unnecessary things when we should face the inconvenient tasks. I don’t know is it even against the human nature to strive towards some goals. In the end, all this unpleasant work is something that could take us forward in our careers or school.

There are two kinds of procrastinating. Some with deadlines and some without them. Usually it is much easier to get the work done if there is this deadline which forces you to push the project till the end, successfully or not. But the real case is these situations when you don’t have deadlines at all. Then you might not even find the time to start these things. You just might think: ”Maybe tomorrow or next week.” It is so easy to shift these tasks to the future.

Tim Urban suggests that maybe we should create our own concrete deadline into our lives. As setting up rows of tiny boxes, we could simply make our lives a timeline. This life calendar contains one box per one week of our lives until the age of 90. It can be an ultimate motivator as we wake up to see how much time it have passed and how few weeks there are left.


My personal procrastinator is simple to mention by name. It is YouTube. Another one has been Facebook but I have managed to get to rid of its effects. I only check important notifications, but pass the feed. Sometimes yes, I still check those posts which all my friends update but I will take time for it then. YouTube still catches me without warning. It is so easy to get lost into the jungle of videos.

I have been thinking this why I can’t work effectively all the time. Why do I give my mind the permission to go off-mode? Maybe it is because thinking is heavy and require total focus. It is not easy at all. I still do want to boost my effectiveness but it is a personal change which should happen first. Because usually I end up doing useless things instead of something meaningful. This applies as much for watching a movie that I have always wanted to see or reading a book I’m interested. In these situations I choose something else. YouTube still catches me. I think it is because I’m not organized enough.

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