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Maailman selitys

Kirjoitettu 23.03.15
Esseen kirjoittaja: Aleksi Ihalainen
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Kirja: Maailman selitys
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Riku Rantala & Tuomas Milonoff
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Before you have seen or hear, you can´t know! Are people just talkers or are they actually doing something. It´s impossible understand world and different culture if you have never been in that country. What brings me and other team mates to Australia is curiosity, if here is people who want something, what we can actually help.

Then we go there and do something about it, that´s how we are different from other´s. We don´t maybe understand how to do things, but that´s good thing. Atleast we don´t fear anything or anyone, sometimes it´s good to be little pit stupid to get things started before you are ready. If you always plan before starting someone else have already done it.


What I have make notice in Australia, it´s people are thousand times more friendly than in Finland. And they are really good talkers, who love to hear their own voice all the time. They sell their ideas really naturally to others and that´s why they are growing faster and longer than Finland. They have less idea how to listen than in Finnish people, we can learn from them so much than they can from us.


Finnish usually are all the time talking, that we are quit quiet and want to be in silence, but it´s that how we want it to be? Have we ever ask from our self that, do I want to be like that! I Don´t want to be like common Finnish, and I´m not.

That´s why we need to travel and take best learnings from the masters, and get better in selling our ideas, because we have lots of what others don´t have. But they poor guys don´t know about it, and there is very few people to tell that to them. We need more of you!


Mostly we fear of asking stupid questions, but is there any? What does it matter are we good or bad at something, you need to always start at somepoint. I have know idea yeat how I am going to use this knowledge to help my future plans, what I have experience here during these three weeks.

My personal main goal was get here something action done, and get organization to pay for us from that. And we did get two deals in first week! What if everyone of us would have same goal earlier? Would it help to get more done? Absolutely, it´s very hard to know who are willing to do everything to chief the goal. Everyone have same resources and knowledge what they need, but attitude it´s never same.


When you are in different enviorement and think your live, and what you have at home, it´s easier to understand what is missing. Travelling actually makes your much richer than you even can think. But why? If I would just stay at home and in my city, and read lots of stories from internet I would understand more about world? Don´t think so!

You need to feel it, you have to cry, laugh, get lost, being robbed, found something new and meet people. Then you start to feel it and you can be the one who is telling the stories, and your mind develop more things than ever.


Something really specific from myself, very few people know me well, and that´s a shame, I am really good at making things happens in really sort time, with longer term goal in my mind, if I see something meaningfull in it, and I can read people emotions but I don´t have much clue what to do with that information. I say and show what I feel about things all the time better, because it´s really stupid not to.

What I am not so good at yet, it´s telling people how I see things, or being supernatural happy all the time, I hate when people are feeling really bad put they still need to hide it behind the smile, and never let it out. But I have know idea how to help them with that eather.

I need to tarvel more and start to communicate with people in my own way, If someone doesn´t understand my message or my style. I really don´t care!





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