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Naked Conversations: How blogs Are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers

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Nowadays everything is online and if you’re not online you will miss something. At least the book tells that for you. I agree that nowadays we need to be online and in different channels. The original book is from 2006, so it’s today about 8 years old and it’s written in USA. As everything that starts there is coming later to Finland and as I know we are living the change in this part of online marketing in Finland. There are many companies that have got a lot customers and became more successful by using online marketing. But in the end the blog-world isn’t that common in business yet in Finland. In Finland there are more people who have a blog as a private person. Also I have had several blogs, private and also professional, but always just for short time. We are developing Tiimiakatemia’s international network and we have had an idea to have a common blog for all Team Academy’s. I decided to read a book about blogs and see what kind of things we need to think when we’re creating the common blog.

There are 6 basics that blogs are:

  • Easy to use – everybody can use blog. That’s absolutely true, I have had 3 personally blogs, all of them when I have lived abroad. I have many times to thought to have one when I live in Finland, but somehow I have felt that in Finland I don’t have anything to write. In last spring we had also blog around two projects and in each one it was the way to communicate for the customers. In last spring I learned a bit how to write more effective. The common blog that we’re creating should be also easy to read and in the same time it should include lot knowledge.
  • Easy to find – I agree. In social media it’s easy to find anything if you know how to do it. Of course it helps always if you know how to market your page in social media. Here I’m absolutely still at the beginning of my learning journey.
  • Social – Blogs are part of the social media. In last spring we noticed that how strong communication channel it can be. But how to find the people who has same interests and how to build the community around some theme and can it help to build the network? In this point I’m really happy that we have already now quite many people in our project and more in our network that knows more about the marketing in social media. In the same time I think that one of the most effective ways to market a blog is that the people are recommending it. If everyone in our project group will recommend the blog for their own network we night have already quite many people following us.
  • Quickly – The book says that anything else aren’t that quickly and effective than marketing via blog. Probably there are some other social media channels that are nowadays in the same level with blogs. When I have had my personally blogs I have felt it’s really good way to communicate.
  • Syndication – There are several program that’s make blog using and networking easier. In my case I’m not that far with the technique and don’t yet how to use this.
  • Linked – Each blog can be linked with each blog. In last spring we noticed that there are many times huge networks around some theme and the blogs are linked to each other very strongly. With the other blog we found out that it’s some kind a hard to get into the “inside group”, in the level that the bloggers are linking your blog to their blog. To get into those groups you need to be active by yourselves, read others blogs, follow them, be interesting about same things.

The book gives 5 tips to the success and what we need to think when we’re having our common blog.

  • Speak, don’t sell  – this is somehow clear for me. Blog is the channel to share what I think and feel important, it’s not the way to sell. The topics of the networks blog could be about teamwork, learning by doing, learning organization, leading a change and showing those through our projects.
  • Write often and be interesting – before this has been my challenge when I have had a blog personally and alone. At the beginning I write very regularly but then with time it has always be the thing that is not that important and I can pass the writing for later. In last spring it was easier to blog on the time, because we had a plan when each one is going to write and there was the pressure of the group. We have talked that we will share who is writing the texts and someone from each Team Academy need to write once a two months. We will make a plan together who will write and in which week and then one person will have the responsibility to lead this marketing way.
  • Write about things that are important for you – My personally blogs are always be only because of that. I have been writing about the things that are important for me when I have been living abroad. I think this part is somehow harder when we have professional blog. How to write with feeling but to be same time enough professional?
  • Blogging saves money but take time – When I was leaving abroad it was even the way to save time too. It was easier to write blog than for everybody separately. But of course it’s different when we speak about professional blog. Our common blog will be in English, which isn’t a first language for anyone of us. But we’re so many that to be part of the common blog means write ones in two months. We thought that is the best way to organize it, because everyone of us has also own projects to do and writing a text in every second month doesn’t take that much time.
  • You will come wise with listening what the people are telling for you – I like blogging because it can be communication in two directions. In the professional life it’s much more important to listen the feedback and answer for it also.

In the book they said that there are differences between cultures and blogging. How is actually the blogging culture in Finland or is there at all it? I think there is, there is even strong culture for it and strong networks behind it but more in private part of the life than in professional. In the last spring we realized that the bloggers are really good in networking, maybe because it’s also the way to share your blog and your ideology. In Brazil people are also really good in networking, but face-to-face not via blogs. Is the social media culture and networking there already part of the Finnish culture? Our challenge in this common blog might be also exactly the cultural differences by blogging. We are mostly in Europe but I think that we have big differences between our cultures and how we’re communicating. Also the language might make writing a bit harder and we need to concentrate for the language that the blog is getting right message out. But how to understand different blogging cultures? Probably the only way is just read and read and read…The challenge is again the language, mostly people are writing in their first language and everyone of our project group should take a bit time to learn how the blogging culture is in their country and after that we need to share it and take the good things from each culture and in this way create our common blogging culture.

In the book are few things that the writer of blog should think.

  1. Name of the blog affect a lot how well people can find it online and how many will read the blog – we need to think about that when we plan the basic of the blog in January
  2. Read before starting – Read blogs and learn more about Finnish blogging culture
  3. Keep it simple and concentrate – Concentrate to write about topics that tells how TA works and what kind of thing we’re doing there
  4. Write with passion – It’s easy to write with passion about topics that are important for the writer
  5. Be professional – Check out the theories, use those in texts. Check the language twice before publishing the text
  6. Accept comments – From everybody
  7. Be available – There will the contacts from international leaders from each Team Academy
  8. Tell a story – Stories of different TA’s. Stories are the ones that people remember; we should find people who has grown a lot during their time in TA and share those stories in our common blog.
  9. Use the links – Linked with blogs who have same interests, linked in TA’s network
  10. Check out the reality – Not be just online, meet people also face-to-face and remember to tell about the common blog
  11. Follow the links – Learn to see from where your followings are finding you

Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä has two blogs, one in Finnish and one in English. The English one isn’t working that well, people don’t know it and the last text is two month ago. Our goal is to create a blog that is creating text once a week and which could work as information channel in the whole network.

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