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Our iceberg is melting

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This book was about management of change and it was written with nice story about penguins. The Penguins realized one day that their home was going to collapse. They had only two months to prepare things.

So they started to tell everyone about melting iceberg. They stopped complaining and started to think a solution. They formed a team of penguins who were able to manage.

They called in general assembly to think about new vision and strategy of change. When strategy and vision was clear to them, they started to ¨sell¨ the idea of moving and not sticking to ice.

They formed a scout team to find a new iceberg. When scouts returned, they told amazing tales about the sea, about swimming long distances, and about new iceberg they had seen. Little penguins gave medals to honor them as their heroes.

The next day the second group of scouts were out to find the right iceberg to which will be a safe home. So a perfect iceberg was found! Later the whole colony moved to the new home.

The year after they had to find a new home so they were moving again to find a better iceberg. Now even they found a perfect iceberg, they still keep moving. Nomadic lifestyle become their culture.


Eight steps to successful management of change:

1. Create the sense of urgency. Help others to think that you need quick change.

2. Put together the guiding team. You have to be sure that the team includes individuals with strong management skills.

3. Develop change vision and strategy. Clarify how future is different from past.

4. Communicate for understanding and buy-in. Make sure that as many as possible will ¨buy¨ your vision and strategy.

5. Empower others to act. Knock down possible obstacles from your way.

6. Produce short-term win. Perform quick clear-cut victories.

7. Don’t give up, press harder and faster after the first success. Make the change after another and be strong.

8. Create a new culture. Hold on new ways to act until they are strong enough to take down old ways to act.



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