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Our iceberg is melting

Kirjoitettu 25.03.20
Esseen kirjoittaja: Petra Heikkinen
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Kirja: Our iceberg is melting
Kirjan kirjoittaja: John Kotter
Kategoriat: 1.3. Oppivan organisaation ja tiimiyrityksen kehittämistyökalut, 2.2. Tiimityön taidot ja työkalut, 4. Johtaminen

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The book successfully shows how a fable, a means of passing on information from one person to another, can ease the comprehension of even harder to grasp matters. The book tells a story about a penguin community, lulled in the normality of life at the same iceberg as always. Just as it has always been. Then a single penguin notices something, that needs change. A change that needs to happen immediately or the whole community is in danger.

In my opinion the book well shows the fact that even one person can initiate change in the community. when he uses the right steps, the change is possible to be initiated even by just one person. In the story, the penguin initiating change is an ordinary penguin, not one in a leader role. He goes to the leaders after having discovered the iceberg is melting; a disaster waiting to happen.

The first thing that the penguin does is he goes to find the most approachable penguin from the leaders’ team. He explains the matter to her and shows her the concrete place where she can see for herself that change must happen. Thus, he has won a person to his side. This is something that you. in a similar situation should do first; find the people that are most approachable and explain the importance of change and then go forth together

Not everyone will want to change, a few will. The safe normality is often something that one wants to stick to. A few want to go out of their comfort zone. That is why you need

At first, they try to get the others to understand the urgency change, but it is very hard without solid proof. Then he gets many kinds of proof of the melting. In a real-life situation also, you should back your argument up with as many facts as possible. It will make the tackling of the naysayers’ questions easier.

The steps to change are the following:

  1. create a sense of urgency.
  2. put carefully selected group in charge of guiding the change.
  3. find a vision of a better future.
  4. communicate the vision so that others could understand it.
  5. remove obstacles.
  6. create some quick success.
  7. don’t give up until the new way is firmly established.
  8. ensure that changes won’t be overcome by any hart-to-die traditions.


I came to the team academy a year and a half ago. From the very beginning when I stepped in from the door, I felt like this was the place to be.

I have been schooled in international schools, as well as Finnish schools, so I have an outsider’s view, as well as an insider’s view. There are many good things in both, but there are still things that should be changed. Especially now that we are living a time of more changes as ever in society. Technological leaps are huge, and so is the society’s development, as it adapts. School systems should change with the flow. However it is looking like the school system is staying put with it’s development.  For example teacher training should be lifted to the next level, as there are so many changes in various areas of life compared to what life was for example 20 years ago. The change curve is steepening. It is exponential.

There are other organizations that would be in desperate need of change. But in some of them, it is a mentality that has prospered for a long time: this is what we have always done, why not continue the same way. Ilkka Halava visited the academy a while back and talked about exactly this, the cruciality of change. For example, the example that he told about the counting stick company, the 130 year history in Switzerland of doing the same thing and being respected for it. Texas instruments however brought the first calculator to the market, and the Swiss counting stick company was still unwilling to change, and all the customer base shifted to purchase the more modern version of the same thing. The importance of change is highlighted here.

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