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Purple Cow

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Kirja: Purple Cow
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It was pretty simple to lauch a new product in the old days: was large enough marketing (advertising) budget and repeated the own messages in TV at the best viewing times. Then just waited to people to change their shopping habits. Money was spented a lot, but in general the one who spend most also won. Among other things with this tactic for example Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nike and McDonald’s grew to the global brands.



From those time the world has changed radically and during the last ten years almost everything in marketing has gone to the second consideration. In present-day information overload it’s hard to stay in a peoples minds. but on the other hand it makes possible the quick communication directly with your target group. In the process you can get a direct feedback from your passionate fans (and haters), staying close to them all the time.



Still you have to stand out from all information that people get to form your own tribe. With this you can get help from ”Purple Cow –theory” which means in brief that you have to offer something that no one else is offering. For example if you can’t quarantee the shortest delivery time, you shouldn’t promise that. But if you can quarantee that you’re the best at something you should focus on finding those people who appreciates that something. When you’re the best in what they values the most, they will keep coming to you and telling about you to their contacts.



”Cows, after you’ve seen one or two or ten, are boring. A Purple Cow, though… now that woud be something.”



When something is truly amazing you can’t ignore it no matter what. I have been thinking that through the summer about the Juankoski Ruukki, which is an old ironmill factory area in my home town. There has been a development project about it and I have been a part of that. I’m also working my thesis from it.



The main problem is that not many knows about Ruukki, which is the oldest industrial area in the Eastern Finland founded in 1746. The city of Juankoski grew around the factory so all the services of the center are right next to it. In 2017 comes the municial merger with Kuopio which could provide a different kind of help to make Ruukki well-known attraction to visit. But the question is: how can Juankosken Ruukki separate from all the other attractions around the world.



For one segment the answer is clear: the history. There is a lot of people interested in history and the first thing is to find places they are hanging out. The history of Ruukki is interesting and multistage all the way from Swedish owners to the latest twists. But how could we offer more than that?



The museums aren’t built anymore just for watching. There must be something to do, something to touch and much more. I have heard that a good example is the Abba and the modern music museum at Stockholm. Something like that, but with little smaller budget could be the answer. But what could that be of?



Whenever you say that you’re from Juankoski, the first thing they say to it is Juankoski Here I Come. The musician and poet Juice Leskinen is the most famous person from Juankoski and definitely that should be on the carpet at Juankoski. There is a exhibit of him inside the museum, but it isn’t well-known even in Juankoski. I believe that as properly made the own exhbit of him and the other musicians from Juankoski, could work on its own.



The great way to market an area is the events. Events try to market themselves to their target audience and promote the area to them also. This years main events were Ruukki Roots – blues festival in June, Juankosken Ruukki GP – downhill car race in early July and Kanavajuhla (The Channel Festival) in late July. Now we have to think the next years event calendar and find their target groups to get the message to them.



The services and the events have to be unique separately and together they must provide something magnificent.




Slogans of Purple Cow:



”Don’t Be Boring”


”Safe Is Risky”


”Desing Rules Now”


”Very Good Is Bad”

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