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Rohkeasti maailmalle

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Kirja: Rohkeasti maailmalle
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”Rohkeasti maailmalle” (bravely to the world) – book tells what it means to move abroad and make business in there. The writer is a Finn who has moved to USA with his family and has his business there. The book is very focused for the business world in USA but if the reader can use imagination, it’s easy to use the learning of the book all around the world. Because I have been living four times abroad this book didn’t gave me that many new practical tips but it put it me to think why I want to move abroad, where I want to live and if I’m coming back to Finland ever or not.

I have lived four times abroad, three times in Switzerland and once in Brazil. In the first time going abroad was different because I was exchange student. In three other times I went to work there and it has been different. As exchange student there are many things that you don’t have to think. People have different reasons to move abroad. I was maybe 12 or 13 years old when I told to my parents that I want to go to Brazil as exchange student. I never got the possibility for that but years later I found a possibility to go for a summer abroad and it was free. I had studied German for a year in this time and I wanted to learn more. I got the scholarship for that exchange possibility and I spend one summer in Switzerland, learning the local culture and language. In the first time I fell in love with the culture and I had all the time feeling that I want to learn more, I want to understand better the culture and find my place in the society there. Eight months later, when I had finished my high school, I moved back there but in this time I worked as an au pair. When I leave Finland I told to my parents that I will stay three months but then I turn back to Finland after one and half year. One and half year later I found me again in Switzerland. During those two times that I lived in Switzerland I moved inside the country and needed to think things like residence permit, bank account and rent a apartment. In this autumn when I moved to Brazil I was so happy about the experience that I had from my previous life. Without this understanding it would have been really different experience.

The book starts with seeing what happiness is and what it means in the perspective of international business. What happiness means for me and when I’m happy? This is a question that I have been thinking a lot during the last years. Just about one month ago one of my friends was wondering how I can feel everywhere like at home and how I’m not missing home when I’m travelling. I answered her that my home is exactly there where my heart is living. For me happiness is not what things I have around me, many times it’s easier to be happy when I don’t have so much staffs. I have said for some people that I’m most happy when I’m with my backpack and I have all my staffs in backpack, I don’t need more. More important is what thoughts I have in my head. Backpack means for me travelling and travelling means learning all the time. Does learning make me happy? If yes, why I’m not happy in Tiimiakatemia where the main meaning is learning? Is the point that I have some kind of negative mental model about Finland and Finns and it’s easier for me to work abroad because my mental model about it it’s different?  How much it can change to noticed own mental models and see what things of the life are limiting the behavior? And maybe the most important, is it possible to change own mental models about the culture where I have grown?

With travelling and living abroad it is important to understand own culture and also that we can’t change the new culture as our own culture is. It’s good to notice that what mental models are limiting us in new culture. To get over it we need to spend time with local people that we can start to understand reasons why people are doing things like they are doing. Because I have living in two different cultures I had to think a lot how could I feel and learn the new culture. Language is acting a role in that. I have lived in Switzerland and I can speak German and even the local dialect. It has been quite easy to learn the culture there and understand behavior behind the action. In Switzerland I spend time mostly with local people which helped to understand the culture. In Brazil it wasn’t that easy because I didn’t speak Portuguese and I was spending time mostly with Finnish people. In the end I started to understand step by step Portuguese and that helped me to understand also the culture. I’m already back in Finland and in the moment I’m having worst culture shock I have ever had. I couldn’t ever imagine how hard it could be to come back in home country and to the culture where I have grown. These three weeks in Finland has been extremely hard, in some nights I couldn’t sleep at all and then there are days that I wouldn’t like to stand up and go working. Also in the book there were some stories about people who has move to abroad and then back to Finland but after few years they have moved back abroad because they couldn’t handle the return shock. I know that at least the next few years I need to spend more or less in Finland. How could I find projects that I enjoy to do and I can do those from Finland? And in the other hand where I could find new networks for free time and find the balance between Tiimiakatemia and free time?

In the book there is a lot how important it is to have a good network and how important networking is. Especially in new place it is important to start networking already from the beginning and not just before leaving. Already before Tiimiakatemia I have had quite good network, because I have been working a lot and it is easy to learn to know new people. In last summer I travelled five weeks and mostly I was visiting people from my network and staying in their places. There were also places that I didn’t know anyone and in those places I used couchsurfing and grow my network. The trip was a great mix new and old people in the network. In the summer I noticed that how important it is to have good network and keep in touch with it. My network is growing all the time and I need to think, who are the ones in network, that are really important to me and that I should keep in touch with them. In some other book I read that how it is important how the people know you and how it’s the best way to make business. It would be really interesting to know what the people in my network are thinking about me and why like this. I think that there might be something positive because I have got few small projects from the people from my network.

In Tiimiakatemia I’m working quite a lot with the network and because of that I’m also working weekly with different cultures. I have been thinking a lot how we could work and understand each other better. We know each other from LRP and we are having skype 2-4 times per month. Because we have met each other few times face-to-face it makes it easier to understand people in project group. In the other hand in this autumn I have got few messages from people that I don’t know and they want to know more about my job. What is the right way to communicate with people from USA? And what is meaning when the communication is happening online and not face-to-face. I have noticed that it has become more and more important to know how to communicate online and understand how to use different social media networks. What is the message that we give for the other people when we are using Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin? There are still lots to learn about network and social media and how to use both of them.

As I wrote at the beginning this book put me to think if I want to live in Finland or abroad and why like this. Why is somehow clear, for me it’s easier to work in a culture that is more warm and open than the Finnish culture.  Where is still a question but for me the home is there where the heart is. Tiimiakatemia and the growing international network offer a great possibility to try and learn more about different cultures and where could be my home in the future.  There are few things quite clear for me, I will work with the network and travel a lot during my time in Tiimiakatemia and probably also after that. Could this be the thing what I could work for also after my graduation? Could it be possible to have international co-operative around Tiimiakatemia’s network?

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