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Screw it, let’s do it!

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Esseen kirjoittaja: Janina Lindroos
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Kirja: Screw it, let's do it!
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Richard Branson
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You have to read at least one book by Branson during your lifetime. This was my first and I have to say, it was quite vague but still kind of inspirative. I was thining, great, yet another book that emphasizes attitude, having fun and setting goals. But still, this man is a millionare and I’m not. Maybe I should take at least some of his words seriously.

So, this has many useful attitude changing tips to get to your goal. I like to make goals for a bit shorter periods of time. Let’s think about my learning contract. What is my ultimate goal for this fall? It’s LEARNING as well as BEING A KEY PLAYER IN OUR TEAM. This book is a very good source of inspiration for the part ”how do I get there” in learning contract.


Believe it can be done

Have goals

Live life to the full

Never give up

Prepare well

Have faith in yourself

Help each other

Sir Richard Branson tells to replace words ”I can’t” or ”I give up” or ” by ”let’s do it!” He tells an inspirative story of his mother, who became a pilot eventhough it was only done by men. He encourages to always find a way to do what you want.

My goal is to be a key player in my team. I have to patient even in those times when I personally feel that the team isn’t going on. I have to have faith not only myself but also in my team, which has been the hardest part for me. I have to take the leadership when the situation needs it. I want to set the goals with my team and be a person whose opinion count. What if I changed my thinking from the worst case scenario to the best case scenario. Not ”we’re never gonna get on our MYM” to ”what should we do there” ??? !!!


Have fun, work hard and money will come

Don’t waste time – Grab your chances

Have a positive outlook on life

When it’s not fun, move on

Who said that work shouldn’t be fun? Who said that life can’t be fun all the time? Who said that you should have miserable moments that you can enjoy the good moments? WRONG. Branson hypes his great life and great it has really been. The secret of his success, he claims, is that he tries to have fun in every point.

There is a few things in life you just don’t want to do. How about in work? We are in Tiimiakatemia, where we proclaim all the time that we can do what ever we want. Ofcourse writing an essay isn’t always fun but how we could change that and make it fun? I had fun writing an essay together with my team members. Should I write all my essays that way if I think it’s fun? Maybe I will be rich then!


Calculate the risks and take them

Believe in yourself

Chase your dreams and goals

Have no regrets

Be bold

Keep your word

Like Branson writes, you have to take risks but not be stupid. My risk taking is trying something new: I will be a project leader in project where we create event’s visual atmosphere. I don’t have any experience, I don’t think I have such a good visual eye and I have never been a project leader before. My solution is to surround myself with useful people and learn from them as much as possible.

My whole team is chasing their dreams. We had this dream path – idea, where we wrote our goals and dreams. Then we tried to think the first steps to get there, maybe useful customer visits and little things towards that. The idea is to update that personal dream path regularly, so it’s going to be inspiration when one can see a dream coming closer.


Aim high

Try new things

Always try

Challenge yourself

When you try new things and challenge yourself, your life changes. That is what Branson says. You have to keep your brain active by constantly seeking something new to try. I think it would be good to my team make more birth-givings, but also inventing new products and services. I want to throw out these old ”leading challenge” or ”marketing challenge”. Maybe we could be first to take a ”flying challenge”.

Never give up! Branson didn’t give up when he was only five years old. His aunt challenged him to learn how to swim during the summer. He tried many hours a day and finally, on the last day, he succeeded. Team just should keep on trying. Maybe we lost money in Street Hockey. So what? The attitude has to be: we will get it all back sevenfold.

I think that in my team we don’t aim high. We don’t want to win or we don’t care if we don’t make money or go forward. What should we do about that? Should I be the change what I want from my team? God, I love that sentence!


Rely on yourself

Chase your dreams but live in the real world

Work together

Well, we’re a team so working together is an obvious way of working. Or is it? I think we have improved quite a lot from the first year in working together. We all know each other better and we have more intresting projects. Now few in our team is leaving, chasing their team. Ofcourse it’s sad, but it’s also good that team members find their passion and try to have that.

Branson tells maybe a bit harsh story how her mother raised him to be independent.

No one can trust you, if you don’t trust yourself first. You can’t trust youself, if no one trusts you. Which way is it?


Love life and live it to the full

Enjoy the moment

Reflect on your life

Make every second count

Don’t have regrets

When Branson was in South-Africa with his family, he wanted to spend as much time as possible with them. So he narrowed his time for business only to fifteen minutes a day. One of his employees asked how can he do it. His reply was: ”I just make every second count.”

I just read an article in Cosmopolitan and it was about living your life NOW, not just thinking what it would be like when you are thirty. So in Tiimiakatemia, we have to live in the moment, try new things when they come on our way. If it doesn’t work out, at least we have tried and we should be happy about it.

I was one of the people who arranged a trip for our team. I hated every second when we were there, but I learned. Grattitude is not obvious. It’s hard to take feedback. Do I regret it? Not anymore. I have to get over it and look on the positive side.


Put the family and the team first

Be loyal

Face problems head on

Money is for making things happen

Pick the right people and reward talent

I just had lunch with my team member Kati. I said to her: ”In our team, everyone thinks only oneself. What is we tried to go team first?” Putting a team first doesn’t mean that you have to loose yourself. It means that you do the best you can for your team, in your own personal way. It doesn’t mean giving up the person you are, it means adding all your personal characters for teams benefit.

Branson respects and recognizes talent. When he sees potential in his employees, he isn’t afraid to use it. In a team, we need to know each other to work efficiently. Then we know who to ask and how to build our project groups. I have this visualizing project I told earlier. I knew straight away who I would ask to the project group. That is knowing your work friends.


Be polite and respectful

Do the right thing

Keep your good name

Be fair in all your dealings

Japanese business men gave a wise tip for Branson. They told him to always be polite and respectful, you will never know who is listening. People talk behind your back always, that’s something you can’t stop. Only thing you can affect is what they talk.

In training sessions we have, it’s important to listen, not only speak yourself. If there’s a crisis in a team, it’s still important to stay calm and respect each other. You can’t talk people like they are stupid eventhough you might sometimes feel like that. What if that team member is some point in your life your boss, or you need good references? If you insult someone, they will remember that for the rest of their lives.

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. Branson trusts more in his gutt’s feeling than sense. That is also my way of life. I encourage everyone to think with their heart, not with brain!


Change the world, even in a small way

Make difference and help others

Do no harm

Always think what you can do to help

Like Branson says: ”we all can change the world.” We have to start with our own lives and people around us. I want to be a key player in my team, so that’s my way of changing my team. I want to help and be known as a person who will always help. It’s a small thing for me to offer my help, but may feel like a huge relief to a person who I’m offering it to.

Also, when you are feeling so excited for example in a training session, you don’t have to force yourself to feel differently, but maybe you could think how it is affecting people around you. I’ll say it one more time: from ME-thinking to US-thinking. After all, we are a team, not a group of workers.


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