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Service Design Thinking

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Service Design thinking

We’ve got the idea of Futurethinkers simmering quite a while. Our mission is innovating value to company brands through designing those processes where customers and the services meet. Global world is full of good businesses. Those companies only failing to get better than good, cause of making no added value for their customers as a brand, by visualizing and creating together.

There are so much of unseen value of companies to be seen as added value if only customers are communicated in right way. We are to make invisible the visible. We turn our heads towards the people. Customers are driven by their values, unconscious and conscious mind. Services core is to be human, with its needs.

Free brand valuation

  • 1-10 rating for each value adding brand element
  • Those elements are:
    • leading thoughts (values, mission, vision)
    • fan culture (tribe, togetherness)(5E)
    • brand ambassadors (focusing to company workers)
    • bonfire with elders (storytelling on communications)(5E)
    • biggest fish in the aquarium (is the segment really narrow enough, understanding customer)
    • landing strip (is the social media connected and coherent, where customers are navigated)
    • service ecosystem (what is the position on market, what is the brand image, easy to buy?)
    • servicepath (how is it done? Preservice, core service and afterservice)
    • mediamanipulation


Perfect marketing background

4P: Product, Place, Price, Promotion

5E: Emotions, Experiences, Exclusivity, Engagement, Escapism

6Y: Companys environment, Customers environment, Online environment, Print Environment, Meeting environment, Recruitment environment

How we do it:

Starting a project:

We stay always faithful to our core question and start with WHY? What is the purpose of brand valuation?

  • Are we dealing with new product and launch to markets?
  • Are we developing service that already exist?
  • Is the focus right and the segment narrow enough?

Timetable and budget

Getting to know the company and its values, mission and vision. What is the portfolio? What is the market and the competitors? What are the business goals? – do we find the WHY from here too?

  • Visualizing to customer


Is there existing data about the focus group? Customer satisfaction measurements, market research?

  • Co-creating by workshop and coaching. Experience gained knowledge

Customer comprehension

The need and motives of the end user. Customer surveys: golden circle. Finding creative describing knowledge and diagnosing information.


Visualizing core processes in connection to customers. For example using Business model canvas. Idea is to understand the pros and cons of company, its service or product. We need to find out the needs of the target market, see the opportunities and serve those needs. To do this – we need plan. So it’s like a two-way road: understanding company’s own position on the market and clarifying what the segment wants.


Salmiakki-model: customer contact-bound. Making clear the timetable, goals and deadlines. I’ve seen lately on our 24 hour birthgiving how vital the part, the broadening and collecting data really is. After all session results will be presented 4E taken care of with Tiimiakatemia-twisted-style. As a result we create understandable model of it’s vital attributes.

Validation with the client

Pay what you gain. Our mission is to spread the finish quality brands to the World and get the deserved respect!

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