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Shake It

Kirjoitettu 18.10.14
Esseen kirjoittaja: Aleksi Ihalainen
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Kirjan kirjoittaja: Saku Tuominen ja Katja Lindroos
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I have ones see Arie de Geus picture in one book, but I didn´t have any idea that he was joining us with TALN meeting this week in Bristol. We went for eating night before we start in a morning with everyone, and I talk with Arie for while and he tels me couple of he´s stories. But most I remember that he said to me: Only thing you can see is the path of your steps you have go trough. do you want to see things there what you wanted to do, or are you going to be old crumpy guy who tels how I always want it to do something. It shakes me really emotionally because I don´t want to be that guy who didn´t do things that he want´s to.


What would be different when you live here tomorrow?

This was the first question what we have, when we started meeting, and it makes me think why I came here. Biggest reason was because I want it to, and if I wouldn´t be here, I wouldn´t get anything out of it. You can´t be every place every time, but if you never stop and think with people you really want to meet where are we going, you lose the connection and you can´t use the power of your network or your team.


What is the essense of Tiimiakatemia!

That´s one of those question what´s really make people think, what are we doing. We had 30min time to think it trough, we discuss about steps what Team entrepereneurs are taking in the journey, and dreams and network. But nothing really came to paper. Then I thought to put my shoes to a paper. Atleast we have steps what we have take. Then it hit trought the discussion when we had put all the four corners; Team, Dream, Network and Action.

When you take one red step you make action ”meet people/customer” and same time you build your network. And then you take one blue step and you discuss what kind action you have made it with your team and reflect what you have done, and start to be closer to your dream again. Most important is just take those step enough, and you can´t go forward just using blue steps or just with red step´s. That´s what Tiimiakatemia is all about, for some of us it takes longer to get it, but for me this was the most important lesson from this trip for know. Those two colours where not chosen, they where just only ones left at that moment.


First time I really think how we handle decision making in Tiimiakatemia, Arie reminded, by telling he´s career and how Shell have handle the decision making in their company. How similar it´s in Tiimiakatemia.

Decision making in company´s is really old fassion still nowdays. We practise that every week, and specially in the first year it feels like we don´t get any decision done easily. But when you have train that 3 years, and talk lot before anything happens, desission making doesn´t take that long when you have tight schedule. We often forget that how much better we grow up and how much it help us to move on when something big is happening. We are becomming future desision maker in this world not just team entrepreneur.

When leaders say straight what they have faild and what they have sucseed, it´s easier to come to little bit closer to them. For me it´s still not easy to say every time what I have failed, but who it hurts if I say that? It just make it much more easier if you just say it loud, and you can move on again.


Why we want to meet network? To make dreams come true!

If we don´t never meet each other, how can we greate something together? Yes I know, then it´s not possible! That´s why it´s so powerfull to meet all these great persons who share same kind of values.

I made promise to my self couple weeks a go, that I start to look for my dream, after that it´s been on my mind much more often, and I feel like I intrest more things what intrest me and leave the smaler things to side, I feel that it´s coming more clear with time. I just need to start look for it, and put my consesnes on that mode that it will come  to my mind someday. ¨

”What you think grows” that´s perfectly true. If you think about all the things what slows you or bothers you, they will grow in your head and everything feels more harder. I am really a person who don´t stress what´s going to happen next, because if I would. That would bothers me a lot and I would lose my energy for that. I want to put my focus on things I really enjoy and see some value to do.

I really think it would be time to shake whole Tiimiakatemia Network awake! I am going to do my part of that!




Aleksi Ihalainen



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