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Start with why

Kirjoitettu 15.02.16
Esseen kirjoittaja: Iiro Hölttä
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Kirja: Start with why
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Simon Sinek
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Start with why



I looked at the video at ted.com. It told the Golden Circle theory. I realized that how important it is to make things in the right order.


The book challenges you to think about things more deeply. The theory used in the book is a golden circle. It is used to study and look at things from the inside out. Questions which you can make are Why? How? What?


However, the most important thing is to go exactly in that order. We must first consider the question of why? For example, why am I in this business, why I wake up in the morning to work, why do I want my business to succeed. Through these questions you will begin to cope with the initial reasons why you do things.


In general, companies, and people are starting to think about things in the circumference of the outer edge inwards. When starting to think about what you want to do the reasons for the conclusion remained often very superficial.


When a decision has been made of what is being done, then will begin a tremendous reflection on how this is implemented. If this stage is not yet lost in the initial enthusiasm then it gradually begins to fade.


Why is that? In principle, when you start to reflect on what you want to do and how it is carried out everything starts moving without a real source of motivation. Why am I doing this thing??


The book talks about how leaders inspire their subordinates, without any manipulation of them. When a company to each employee and the director is clearly clarified why the company employing them is upright, it will get amazing results. It motivates and facilitates the creation of common objectives.


I’m starting to think about in general what I do, why I do this? Why did I wake up in the working day? Why do I call to the customer?

It is not easy to get up every morning at 06:30 in the performance of work to do, but when I explain to myself the ultimate reason why I wake up and what do I get, comes within the motivation which kicks forward.


I do not require immediate results, and it is perhaps the reason why I am able to work in the long term and, if necessary, without the financial compensation. I believe that it will start to pay off at some point.



My aim is to be a successful entrepreneur who could also employ others. Why do I want this? Because I feel able to comfortably accommodate the person as the employer. I want to become wealthy so that I am able to help others.


First, it must establish its own reasons and purpose. And then be able to honestly tell it to others. This honesty creates confidence, which will help advance chosen path. If a person needs assistance in some matter, he asks sure to be the first person in which he trusts. And if I want to help people I have to be worthy of trust.




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