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Surrounded by idiots

Kirjoitettu 25.03.20
Esseen kirjoittaja: Petra Heikkinen
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Kirja: Surrounded by idiots
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Thomas Ericson
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You know when you talk to someone and they don’t understand you? They just don’t get you. And you are wondering what is going on. Well, what you mean to say isn’t always understood exactly as you meant it to be understood. Each person has a certain “filter” to processing information. This way of perceiving things is unique for each one of us as we all have different things that have happened in our lives that alter the way we perceive things. I wanted to read this book because I wanted to understand people and the ways people function and develop a better understanding of the psychology behind human behavior.

The method that is used in the book to look at the differences in human behavior is dividing people into four color groups; red, blue, green and yellow, with each color representing a certain personality type.

Dominance, red: The Red traits include being dynamic and driven as well as strong willed and result oriented. Reds often have goals in life that only they can visualize as reality in the beginning. They strive forward and almost never give up. They are also very competitive.

Inducement, yellow. The Yellow people are often enthusiastic extroverts, who are very persuasive, inspirational, creative and emotional. They also often have the largest group of acquaintances. They are often known for their spontaneity.

Submission, green. The Green people on the other hand are considerate, friendly, patient, good listeners, and team players. They are known for their thoughtfulness and attentiveness.

Compliance, blue. The Blue people are all about details. They are cautious, precise, logical, methodical and analytical. Also being very quality oriented is a trait often connected to blue.

The book gives good and detailed information and examples about how should we deal with these people in different situations, like work, conflicts and so forth. It also tells about the negative sides of all the colors in detail.

However, no person is just one of these colors, which makes the book very generic. While I read the book, I was thinking of people I knew when a certain chapter was about a certain color. I found similarities and could think for example in this way “this friend of mine is definitely a blue”, or “that was such a red way to act”. I reflected on people’s behavior when the book told about some of the traits. Then I talked with people who had also read the book. I often asked, “what color are you?” and was slightly surprised as very few knew. The most common answer was “I am a mix between colors x, y and z”. When I thought about that, as they repeated my question back to me, I am also a mix. I can see a lot of yellow traits in myself, as well as some red and green. It would be cool to think that all the people would be of one color and then the book would be very practical, but for example I myself am mixed between many colors, and so are many others. This raises a question: how practical is the book in reality? There are many practical approaches for example “how to treat a green at work” or “how to blues act in a group situation”, but how applicable are they in reality? There is no way there could be a precise guide to personality types as all of them are very different. There is no way someone could predict how a unique combination of for example red blue and green would act in a certain situation.

Even if the book wasn’t very practical, there are still similarities that find between colors and certain people, and after having read this book, I have noticed the colors and the traits they represented have come to be a part of my thinking process. I realize I am recalling the traits hat were represented in the book, and am reflecting reality, other peoples’ and my own behavior through the colors as well.

After having read the book, I definitely feel like I know more about the basics of human behavior and the reasons different people have for their behavior. I believe that in the future the information that this book has given me will help me analyze my own behavior and the reasons behind it more.

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