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Syty ja sytytä

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Kirja: Syty ja sytytä
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For me many things are related with dreams. Behind the goals I can always find a bigger reason, the dream. When I was reading this book I realized that we don’t know each other’s dreams in our team company. We don’t know each other enough good. What could we do to change this? Maybe we should have training session, where we speak just about our dreams and what is the way that the others can help everyone to make the dreams come true? I shared this idea with our team company and we set a day when we will speak about our dreams. In LRP we had a dream to make something that change TA’s in different countries, that makes people doing more international business and use more the network. This dream is coming true with lot of passion together with a group of friends.

Can we learn something from the stories? I have seen in Brazil the power of the stories. Even if I have been team entrepreneur a bit more than one year I have great stories to tell how it has changed my life and how much I have been growing in a year. The most powerful story of my time is, how I said in first year in first training session for my team how I don’t want to speak English during my study time. In this time I really hated to speak English but nowadays it’s different and for me it’s normal to work in English. So, I believe for the power of the stories and that’s why this book was really awesome for me. How can we understand better people and learn coaching leadership with this knowledge? This book has a story about finding yourselves in the way with a coach that the main person had. I decided to do the same way to myself and see what I will learn and how can I use this knowledge in practice.

Find the motivation – Why am I doing this what I’m doing? All started few years ago when I was really bored and sad and started to dream. Then I decided that one day I want to travel around the world. I started to look in internet some blog which told about world-round-trip. I found a blog which was written by Team Academy team who were in the moment in world-round-trip. With this blog I found out Team Academy and it was so interesting for me that I never read the blog but started to follow what was happening in TA’s website. After few years I got the place there. Later on the reason to be in Team Academy has changed, I still want to do the world-round-trip, but nowadays is more motivating to learn those skills that I need in real life that I can be entrepreneur also after Team Academy. For some reason it is hard for me to find the motivation to work in Finland because my dream is move again abroad after TA. So, probably I’m not going to stay in Finland after my graduation. What could be the way to find the motivation inside myself for these two years what is still left? It’s a hard question and I wouldn’t like to think it at all. The social life also outside of the work is really important for me and probably it could help to find the motivation to stay in Finland if I could find a nice hobby or even better a group of people which them I’m enjoying to spend time.


Find the purpose – The book has a theory of different ways to react for the work: hospital, waiting room, work camp and shop. I started to think where I’m now. For sure most of the time I’m in “shop”, where the motivation is high and it’s great to make this job, for example the job in Brazil is for sure in the “shop” category. I know the “work camp” from the life before TA. The difference between this two is huge! Somehow the working in Innomo hasn’t been yet 100% “shop”, it’s hard to be in a team if there is not trust between people. How the change the situation from “work camp” to “shop”? For me, there need to be trust with people that I’m working with. And time for friends and for family outside of the job. I started to think what I would like to change. What could be for me the ideal situation with job? For sure with the team. The time in Brazil with just small group has shown me that I really need the team around. In the other hand we could trust each others in Brazil. I think the trust is missing in Innomo. How could we change this? That we can really learn and understand the power of the dreams and what it means to reach the dreams, we need to trust each others. In the first year in TA I got feedback just from my personality, not about my job, and I need to say that it doesn’t help when we try to build the trust. It can be that the people has changed but still somewhere in my head there is fear that it will happen again and again. I know that I need to change this because with those thoughts that I have now I will just notice the negative things and feedback and not the positives.

The dreams are carrying us – For me TA is a lot about the dreams. If there is a dream that is enough big, people are ready to work to reach the goal. Dreams have been the thing for me, which has pushed me to the action. I have moved 4 times abroad, went travelling a lot, completed schools, learn new skills by getting my dream to come true. I can say that I have reached many of my dreams, there are always new dreams coming. Living in Brazil was my dream long time and now I have reached it. It wasn’t easy all the time, as it’s never in new culture, but in the end I was really happy that I did it. I want to turn back there and do something that can change the local reality, to work with the people from bottom of the pyramid. Many times in Finland we don’t believe for the power of the dreams. How to understand different dreams and in a team find the way to help everybody to get their dreams? The dream comes to vision when you’re ready to do something for getting nearer. As we had a dream in LRP that we want to have TA’s international network and we started to work for it, it came as vision and last weeks has been ready active, the vision has got to the action.

Values as a source of creativity – People have different values in their life. For me the time in Brazil has changed my values a bit. I understand now much better how good everything is in Finland. I give more value for the easy-going life, to have enough money to have an apartment, be healthy and spend time with friends and family. Working in a team is challenging because people has different values in their life and the values of people can be opposite. How could we find common values to work together? I’m now in the situation that I need to think what is important for me. The life can’t continue as it was in the last year and how it has been before, work after work and work again, no enough time for me or even for the people in my life. This kind of life is not in the line with my values, I need to work less and find more time to spend with the people who are important for me. There needs to be balance between work and free-time.

Identify the strengths – What are my strengths and how to use this information in my job. In this autumn I have started to see what are my strengths. I’m quite good in networking, put things to the practice and see things visually and see new the possibilities. Those are also skills that many things have been started with those. In last year the wine travel project, now ITAS. I think with the team company also many things as the pop up store in last year, to sharing the team in smaller groups has started with those skills. Also normally my energy level is affecting a lot for the whole group. I have forgotten this but then once Henna told that for me and it’s true. How could I use this as strength and try to push other people to the action. As I wrote before I think we don’t know each other enough good that we could really use our strengths in effective way. I think we should really share more our knowledge. I can see that there are many of us who has been growing a lot in last year and we should find the way to share this knowledge and all those “ahaaaa” – moments we have had during the time in TA. Maybe training sessions where we share our dreams, strengths and think how can each person to help each person. In the end when the team is knowing each other enough good they can help each other without they need to always ask help.

Action plan – What are my projects now and what kind of action plan I need for those? Of course one big project which is coming is when I go back to Finland and find my place in there again. And then ITAS. With ITAS we have been moving, in some TA’s more than in the others but there has been action in each one. We have created together our action plan and when the group has done it together everybody can engage with the plan. In Brazil we didn’t had enough clear action plan and we noticed that it would have been really important. In Brazil we have many things what are starting and somehow we tried to be everywhere, in Sao Paulo and Rio, with Universities, big companies, small companies, in the same time but it meant in the end that we didn’t concentrate 100% for any of our action. Maybe because we didn’t had enough clear action plan, we weren’t that good to closing things, like making sure that the people who has spoke about workshop are really coming.

Through the challenges – It’s all about your attitude. If you feel that you can get your vision there is nothing that can stop you, of course there are things that can make the process slower. To win challenges you should use your strengths and noticed the thoughts that limit your thinking and action. What are my “dragons” as the writers call those thoughts that limit us. The languages have been one of those thoughts for me. I wasn’t good in the languages in the school but nowadays it is not a problem to use different languages. I even want to use them and learn all the time more. Feelings might be the other “dragon” for me or the thoughts how we see feelings. The learning journey is many times full of feelings. I think feelings are important part in the process, at least for me the moments that are full of feelings are the moments that I remember later. We need to make feelings as our friend and not as our enemy. Because of that it’s also important to understand how to handle own feelings. Behind my calm exterior there are strong feelings that are hard to control. It has been always hard to be an emotional person in Finland, where the feelings aren’t that shown for the others. But I’m on the way to learn how to manage this. I think is also important to understand that feelings are always personally and that anyone can handle your feelings. Of course people can help you to understand why you could feel in that way but in the end they can fell your feelings. Feelings are really big part of me, everything what I do I’m doing with feelings. I hate the typical finnish way when you can’t show your feelings and everything needs to be gray. The learning journey in Brazil has been some days very much full of feelings. I have had bad doubts that it was a wrong decision to go there, because I feel like the situation has been really bad with the team company. Our communication hasn’t have work at all and it has make me feeling really bad, like I would be totally out of our team company. And in the same day I have been very happy to be in Brazil, where people are warmer, where everybody can be exactly what they are even that people are criticizing. How to change these thoughts and go through the culture shock that is still a bit around me?

Winning skills and learning of looser – Who is in the end the winner, or what it means to win? I see that in the real life all the decisions have two sites, to get something means to lose something also. As our decision that I will go to Brazil means that I can make my dream come true but in the same time it means that I will lose the time with the team company. Winning means different things for different people. For me it means that in something I can win myself, do something that I was afraid of and see that it wasn’t that hard or bad to do it. In TA have won myself many times but probably the biggest thing has been that I realize that I can handle much more that I thought. At the beginning of TA I had some goals, I wanted to do something international, something in English, to learn how to work in English, something with TA’s international network and visit all the TA’s. I wanted to participate leadership program and build network that can be helpful after my graduation. I see now that my goals were too low. I’m working nowadays mostly with international projects, also with TA’s network (ITAS) and it has showed me that I can work in English, even if I still need a lot of practice for that. I have visits almost each TA, a lot because of LRP and the network I have got from there. And funny thing is that during my time in Brazil I have got few messages from people that they want to learn more what I’m doing and see the possibilities to work together. During my time in Brazil, I didn’t get all the goals that I had. I didn’t earn enough money but there are still few things open and it can be that I will get the money and actually much more too. What I think much more important is that I realized many things during my time in Brazil, it changed my way to think about team company, team working, customers, marketing, communication and partnership. I also realized that there are many things that we can’t just see in the money. I can say that I came as a winner back to Finland, I have give my best and the trip has changed my way to thing and somehow also my life.

“Everybody can be a coaching leader”. I came back to Finland with the idea to start the Team Mastery just like week after my coming back. In the end I decided to start it a bit later. Maybe a good decision for the moment. The question that I have been thinking a lot in Brazil is that can I be a coach? Am I enough adult to do that? Can I really understand and give my best? I have seen a bit in Brazil what’s coaching means and I want to learn more. Team Mastery and learning coaching is one of those things that put my eyes shining, it’s something that I don’t know at all and I want to learn. I want to learn better to understand the team, team learning and team coaching and how can I help teams to learn.

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