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Talk like TED -The 9 public speaking secrets

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Kirja: Talk like TED - the 9 public speaking secrets
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Carmine Gallo
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I was asked to do a TedX talk, so I decided to read a book to help me create my talk. Talk like TED contains 9 public speaking secrets with many examples. It’s not about what you are talking about, it’s about how you talk.


Secret #1: Unleash the master within

“The first step to inspire others is to make sure you’re inspired yourself.”

What is your passion? What makes your heart sing? The first secret is about finding your passion and connecting it to your topic. When you are passionate about your topic people are more likely to believe what you’re talking about.


Secret #2 Master the art of storytelling

“Stories illustrate, illuminate and inspire”

Telling stories affect people. When hearing a story, listeners use their whole brain capacity. The most effective way to tell a story is trough emotional connection. Storytelling is also about body language. If your body language isn’t believable, your story isn’t going to be believable. What makes a good story? The three P:s, passion, practice and presence.


Secret #3 Have a conversation

“Your strength as a speaker comes from the inside”

Steve Job has a well-known theory, it takes 10 00 hours to master a particular skill. The goes for public speaking. Practice is the key. Tell a story like you are having a conversation, use gestures at key moments. Practice your talk with a friend so you would be confident on the stage.


Secret #4 Teach me something new

“Reveal information that’s completely new to your audience, is packaged differently, or offers a fresh and novel way to solve an old problem”

People love to learn, we are all addicted to new information. If you want to talk about something most people already know, tell it in a new way. How to make sure the audience won’t forget the new information you shared? Human brain remembers best when connected to an emotion, so once again, tell an emotional story.


Secret #5 Deliver jaw-dropping moments

“Jaw dropping moments create a state of emotion that makes it more likely your audience will remember your message and act on it.”

How to make a jaw-dropping moment? It has to be an unexpected, surprising or a very special moment, something different. Something that makes people remember your presentation after a while. Props are great for creating these moments, bring an unexpected prop on the stage and you can be sure people remembers that!


Secret #6 Lighten up

“Don’t take yourself too seriously”

Add humor to your talk. It lowers defense, making the audience more receptive. People see you more likeable and are more willing to support someone they like. Happiness creates emotion, emotion makes a good story and helps the brain to remember. Give the audience something to smile about.


Secret #7 Stick to the 18-minutes rule

“18 minutes is long enough to be serious and short to hold people’s attention.”

Brains get tired fast. An 18-minutes presentation leaves energy to the brain, so the listener is able to think about the presentation and share the information forward. When a presentation is longer than 18-minutes, it needs some kind of breaks to keep the audience concentrated.


Secret #8 Paint a mental picture with multisensory experiences

“Deliver presentations with components that touch more than one of the senses.”

The brain gets bored easily. Give the brain more things to concentrate about, sight, sound, touch. When the brain gathers information in different ways it is more likely it will remember it better. Support your presentation with visuals, a picture, video or something concrete. Use visuals to enhance words, not duplicate. Take props to the stage with you, to make your talk more memorable. Help the audience to really feel your presentation.


Secret #9 Stay in your lane

“Be authentic, open and transparent”

Be memorable and leave your own mark. Be real, truthful and most importantly, be yourself. Have the courage to be vulnerable, to be just a person.


In my talk I had three different contents, belief, opportunities and positivity. My passion contains all of those things, to learn, to believe and to stay positive. I want to spread happiness around me and inspire people to take opportunities. So secret #1, check. The next thing I started thinking about was, what is the new information I can offer? There is nothing new I know, that others don’t. Then I got it. I’m going to talk about something everybody knows, they just don’t know yet, that they know.

This book helped me to build my talk. Before this I didn’t realize the importance of different props, pictures and the ways of how to speak. How the human brain receives information and how to speak so the audience will remember it. I learned how it doesn’t matter if I’m vulnerable and scared, it only makes me human. I was scared to death on that stage but I stayed real, I was myself and I had the courage to laugh at myself. The most important thing this book taught me is to “be yourself”.

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