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Team Coach´s Best Tools

Kirjoitettu 28.02.14
Esseen kirjoittaja: Aleksi Ihalainen
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Kirja: The Team Coach´s Best Tools
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One of the reason´s why I read this, is cause I join to Team mastery UK and I think it´s usefull to know litle bit more about coaching before I go there. Or maybe it´s not but I take that chance.


I visit to Novia this week, even if I was on holiday, I am intrested about what they are doing there in Turku. I just walk in to the campus and I was litle bit suprise that know one didn´t even try to make any contact with me. After couple minutes I see one guy who have visited in Jyväskylä month ago and I asked him to show me all the campus for me, and he did that. I know they are using same methods than we are, but I just didn´t see the passion on what they where doing. Coach´s sit on their own offices and ”students” had they own building. The community wasn´t so open that I was expecting, I still saw the old model of the school world living in there.

After lunch I had opportunity to join one of the training session´s what they had on that day, they where third year ”student´s” and now I have great time to compare this learning enviroment to ours. I am second year teampreneur so I was expecting so much from the third year´s from Novia.

At the beginning of training session one guy asked to everyone to speak finnish because normaly they speak swedish all the time, but now I was the visitor and it´s good practise to change language sometimes, and they did. Very early state I saw that how less they try to learn in their team, most of them reason to be on trainings was to be good at the school, and I think it´s really sad, because I saw some of them really trying to great much more and lead people forward, but they just didn´t have the intrest to be part of the team. That´s what I like about our team, we can do things together and it´s mostly fun and crazy time with eachother. That I was missing there so much.

I know how much it frusthrate that they need to do more normal school at the same time they have company to run, but it´s still excuse to not do anything what they like about. This is the reason why people are so fraid of they future after school, if they haven´t try what is feel like to fail many times and there is now teacher to care of your actions. I ask one really important question: Do you think that you can make more money on your own or with your team? Couple guys answer; on my own, why? Because they don´t know they team mates and what they can really do together. I thought allso that I can make much more business by my self before I came to Tiimiakatemia, but it´s just so much easier when you now your team and know their srength, then you can play together with your srenght´s and share responsibles and make more result´s.


I hope I bring them even a little bit of faith about this methods what are they using, cause it doesn´t mater when you start the action, just do it now. I am not the kindest visitor to meet on trainings, because I really like to challenge people so long time that they are feeling emotions either bad or good, but it´s really important to feel something, that´s the best way to learn and get know eachother. If you know how your team is feeling then it´s easier to deal emotions and bring them higher when they are really down. One last thing what you should think: What come´s to the room when you come to the room? I bring with me lots of convidense and respect to the other people and stupid jokes.


Teampreneurs are also personally responsible for building their own network. All the time, you must develop your own network and think about, for example, what kind of customer relationships will help us learn faster.

This kind of thought´s we need to think all the time, If we want to grow our business. But if you haven´t never even think how could you grow your business, it´s really hard to start do that, but most important it´s just start it. I greate my self a goal for every month, that I visit 10 customer/month and go to 2 event´s where I can meet new intresting people. Event´s are really good place to greate network,  cause when you meet somebody there, it´s easy to ask that could I come to visit you some times during this month? If I meet just 3 new people and go for 2 event´s then I need to meet only 4 new people anymore, it´s 1/per week. That´s not much or is it? Don´t make to hard to your self, it just talking to people and be your self. And sometimes you may have fun with these people, and you grow your business at the same time.


”The more meetings, the more contracts.”

This is what older teampreneurs said to us, and for me it work´s really good. They talk pretty much bullshit, but this was one of the most important thing what stay in my mind. With this motto you can also drift to really intresting place´s. It´s up to you.




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Aleksi Ihalainen



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