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The black box thinking

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Kirja: The Black Box thinking
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The Black box thinking

This is my first english language book what I read in teamacademy, actualy it is the first english book ever what I have been readed. This book was little test to me to see how well I can understand professional businesss laguage, words and terms in english. Reading went well but proper test starts now when it is time to write down the essay and trying to put the main points of this book to somekind of form that anyone can understand. So lets cut the bullshit and start the essay.

This book is story about succes and how you are going to learn from your mistakes or not going to learn. Its is absolutely impossible to great something from the scarts whitout never failing, in very optimal conditions you might just fail in some part of your project but its not matter how hard you try failling is coming to you allways. Sometimes its magic sometimes its tragic! It is your choise to make is it magic or tragic. Those words compare only couple letters but meaning between them is HUGE. Main thing why we dont get to the point where we want to be is the scared feel of failing. ”What if everything is going to went down, iceberg melts… sun drops from sky and robbots take our work and wifes!” So now we are on very critical point, if you actualy want to go somewhere where you wanted to be. You cant avoid every mistake, but you can make change to mistake much smaller. There comes team. First mistake is start project yourself it makes effect called ”et näe puilta metsää” what means you cant see your own hurt spots. So lets think case where you start visionary project whit your team there is multiple eyes to see collinsion between idea and mistake before its too late. That means 1+1 aint=2 Its way more. I think taking more team member potency thinking capacity to the point where capacity hits infinity. (It might be something like 1^15) after that you dont get anymore better results. This is just simple matematichs.

But if you cant avoid mistake why you should still try? This book tells millions of stories about why you should try when there is big risk to fail but answere is simple. You cant ever get anywhere if dont go out from your comfort zone and try. Thinking ideas is not making things hapen. This part was actually little bit stupid on this book. Maybe someone can get some new information that if you dont try you cant fail and if try you might faill or success.

Its common to ask do you want first good or bad new ussualy you say bad first. This formula happens here also. So lets thing case where you haveen been failed very badly? This book uses many time examples about doctor who makes his best but cant avoid death of patient or plane pilot who crashes his plane. Between these two there is very different type thing to handle mistakes when doctor fails there is one dead patient. Life goes on and peolpe are thing doctor tryed his best but coudnt do anything. In case where pilot crashes passenger plane there is 300 normal healty passengers who have died and pilot himself is also dead. That is so big mistake that big audience going to ask reasons why this hapened. Thats why BLACK BOX is developed. When the plane crashes it usualy explodes and burns, but most important part of the plane is made to handle that explosion. Its not passenger seat or anything that kind of an safe feature. Its the black box, box that records everything what happens in plane before it crashes. Now you might quess what Im going to tell you. When you fail you need to start search information why you failed and what thing caused you to fail. Maybe your company went down but now some other guy can try this kind of company but not failing in that step, he even might take you shareholder to his company because you have knowledge about what thing might whe wrong and going to make you to fail. Sharing is caring.

You cant learn from your own mistakes if you cant accept them. When company fails its very common to hear from C.O, that market went down and customers left. But why it is so hard accept failing and mistakeing and look into the mirror and say ”it was my fault” There is two main reasons. First is fear that we lost our legasy in eyes of the society. There might be some people whispering ”that is the guy whos company went bankcrupty. But allways people are going to speak, but they speak because they are jealous that you had power to try. If you give finger to that fear those whispers, you cant ever get anywhere. Thats why usualy those people how can make things happen dont give single fuck about other peoples opinions. Then the other reason why we dont want to accep our mistakes is our shelffcare program. It is also whispering but it is whispering to your ear that dont open your deffens to other people and tell that you failed. Actualy I think this is also coming from society where we think that it is not ok to fail, maybe thats why japanese people do so much suicides. Its important to make that kind of an working environment that making mistakes is ok. Im not saying that it is good way to work if you can fuck up your every project, but when you are going to try something new you should make sure that mistake in new project is not going to make company go to bankcrupty. Did you know that it is ok if pilot fails something on flight. Flying of the aircraft is made to work that way taht it is not going to fall down from one human mistake. When big crash happens it is allways cause from several mistakes in system and pilots actions.

Sometimes mistake cant be avoid and when it hits you cant avoid final failing (cause of multiple mistakes). But if it makes you little bit happier we are all going to die in some day. It is part of the natural selection. In year 2000 world bank listed 50 riches and most powerfull compiens in the world. 2015 they checked again that list and there where only 27 companies left. Allmost half had gone bankcrupty or fused to other company. How this happened? If go little bit back in time and thing what kind of animals have survived from all environmental disasters, there is just couple of species like crocodiles, rats, sharks and cockroaches. All of them are ugly fuckers but they also have something other common. All those species can adapt to the variable eviroenment. Same thing goes for companies. In this time what we are living, world adapt so fast that companies needs to be very fastly adaptive that it can handle future if it not, its going to exist

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