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The Business of Event Planning

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Esseen kirjoittaja: Katri Rutanen
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Kirja: The Business of Event Planning
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Judy Allen
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I took this book to read because i’m one of the project members of Tiimiakatemia 21st Birthday Party -project. It was very hard to find a book about event planning from the library. There is only one book of event planning in finnish and that book had gone missing from the Lutakko library. So I had to take this book, i’m not so sure if i can read it properly and make an essay from it too! But let’s try.

Tiimiakatemia’s birthday parties have been organised almost every year now. I had my first Tiimiakatemia birthday party was in January 2013, when Tiimiakatemia turned 20. It was held in Jyväskylä’s Paviljonki, and had about 800 guests. On 21st birthday, we have a goal to have 500 guests in Aalto-sali. I myself am in charge of the practical parts of the project. For example i booked Aalto-sali for us, called for offers about catering and stuff. So from this book i have to find answers to some problems that i myself have with this project.

Some tips for working with suppliers

I have noticed that negotiation with suppliers takes often too much time and it’s hard to try to think who should i even try to contact. Judy Allen lists the possible suppliers that an event planner perhaps should contact:

  1. Airlines
  2. Audiovisual, Staging and Lighting Companies
  3. Caterers
  4. Destination Management Companies
  5. Decor Companies
  6. Entertainment Management Companies
  7. Florists
  8. Hotels and Convention Centers
  9. Invitations and Print Material Companies
  10. Premiums and Promotional Companies
  11. Restaurant/Private Venues
  12. Special Effects Companies
  13. Other Suppliers

Audiovisual and Lighting are not parts of my knowledge, so they are very hard to plan. In the book is told that these companies can easily add some extra to the equipment, and it doesn’t cost that much more money.  I don’t know how this works in Finland but i’m going to find out. Decor is also still a questionmark. A local theatre is a possible cooperative partner. With good luck, we may possibly get decorating items and designing help from them in exchange for visibility in our marketing materials. We have a chance of getting print materials only on the cost of the materials, and the company who gives these to us gets also visibility in these particular print materials (invitations etc.).

Safety and security

As the book also tells, safety and security both plays an important part in event planning. The situation with security is a little bit different in US than in Finland, because the fear of terrorism is greater in US. But nevertheless security is an important part of Tiimiakatemia birthday party also. We have to have people ”guarding” by the front door, and inside the building. This is mainly because we are selling alcohol and the consequenses of alcohol-usage are not always that much fun. Also we have to know what to do in case of emergency such as fire, sudden sickness or a fight.

Foreign people

It is possible that people from other countries are attending to 21st birthday. In this case we have to have materials in english also. People from Spain and Basque Country are the most likely to come to Finland at that time. We have to consider their cultural differences if there is a remarkable group of people coming to the birthday party.

Last year, there were several teampreneurs under the age of 18 (and from Spain) in the party, and that brought some difficulties. It is illegal to sell alcohol to people under 18 in Finland, and I think that this wasn’t told precisely to the foreign people. So in summary it is almost impossible to have people under 18 in the party because propably everyone is drinking there. This year (as unfortunate as it is) we have to line up that people under 18 cannot attend the birthday party.


I have to tell that it is very hard to read a book in english! And it’s hard to get all the information that you need from it. This is my first essay in english, and i think i did pretty well. I got some tips for event planning, but nothing mind-blowing maybe because of the language problem.

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