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The Coaching Habit

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Kirja: The Coaching Habit
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Michael Bungay Stanier
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The coaching habit

Since kid I have had many coaches in my life; country cross skiing coaches, football team coach, teachers, leaders at work and now a team coach here in Tiimiakatemia. Unfortunately it is such a shame that those coaches I have had, except current coach, have only taught me some skills – not empowered me to be the best possible me.

This book, The Coaching Habit is focusing on

1) How can coaching be better
2) A moment with employee

1) How can coaching be better

First, I will focus on daily problems at work. These problems can be e.g
– Team mates gives all decisions to the leader`s shoulders
– Leader don`t know the priority of the tasks
– Leader is not available

These problems are common in work life and to solve them you need to create a coaching habit. To create it, this books gives such an examples as ”Coach 10 minutes per day instead of weekly meetings” and ”ALWAYS be in the ´coaching mode`”. What is more, when you create your own coaching habit the team does the tasks that matter the most and one of those mentioned problems will be solved. Remember also to focus on develompment, team dynamics and think where your employees can grow! And the most important, remember to listen more than talk and give advises.

2) A moment with your employee –

There are 7 steps, called as helping questions, to make te most of your moment with your employee

1. Kickstart question – What`s on your mind?

Start the conversation with Kickstart question. It is easy to start with and the talking will start with the flow

2. AWE question – ”And what else”

After Kickstart it is time to move to AWE question. It helps the conversation not to stuck only one topic.

3. Focus question – ”What`s the real challenge here for you?”

If the Kickstart question is not giving you what you want or the employee is losing the track, follow to Focus question. The focus question helps you to narrow the problem so it`s easier to solve.

4. Foundation question – ”What do yo want?”

When your conversation is repeating itself, use Foundation question to the point. It will help you to get to know what is motivating your employee.

5. Lazy question – ”How can I help you?”

When your employee is in a mode of complaining and he/she is having nothing to offer, use this. This is a moment of positive coaching because this question will push your employee to the point. You are also showing some respect at the same time.

6. Strategic question – ”If you are saying `yes` to this, what are you saying `no` to?”

When you need to focus on something that matters, use this.

7. Learning question – ”What was the most useful for you?”

To make a ”click” with your employee and sum up your meeting, you need this question. This will help your employee to reflect his/her learning.
Some last simple advices to make your coaching better:

– Ask ”what” instead of ”why”
– Don`t give answers
– Avoid asking rhetorical questions
– Listen
– Show that you care
– Put theory into practise
– Learn ”what to do” and ”doing it” are different

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