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The Laptop Millionaire

Kirjoitettu 07.11.13
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Kirja: The Laptop Millionaire
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Mark Anastasi
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Mark Anastasi: The Laptop Millionaire


I read Mark Anastasi’s book The Laptop Millionaire. The book is about how to make money in the internet and how anyone can start their own business online. I got some very good tips from the book but I saved some for the future; I am going to read this book again after I have started an internet-business as I have learned in Tiimiakatemia how important it is to read a book into your need. I do not feel I can get the most out of the book if I am not using the information immediately.

In this essay I am going through some of the best thoughts I got from this book.


Millionaire secret: The more you learn, the more you earn

I like the idea of being able to affect into your own earnings. As a matter of fact I really like this advice since it tells me that the only one who can affect to the number on my paycheck is actually just me. It does not matter if you are working for someone else than yourself as your paycheck is always directly proportional to your knowledge. The more you know (this means what you have learned), the more you earn.

I have read so many books fill in positive attitude about money that I cannot stand the people who are complaining about how little they are paid. I was like those people before I studied more and before I did not believe my co-worker who always told me not to complain but to do something about it. After many advices I got from him I finally see crystal clear that it is not about not having the money it is about to making the money. I feel sorry for the people who are complaining their money situation as they actually do not know they can affect that by themselves. As I have learned from my co-worker, one should not be complaining about the lack of the money, but asking what can I do to get the money I need. Like I said, I needed to hear this many times before I believed that there is a huge difference between these lines. Life is not about what you have now, it is about what you are going to have in the future.

My next point from the book is associated with the previous: Don’t ask: “How can I make money?”; Ask: “How can I create more value?” Even though one do not complain about not having the money one should not either be asking how he can make money, he should be asking how he can create more value. Which means money is just money. It is the measure of value. No one gets money by doing things people do not want or need but anyone gets money and success while they are giving people more value. Human mind is actually pretty fascinating; people seem like they are clever but when it comes to shopping, people are actually pretty dumb. People are not buying what they need, they buy what they are told that they need. People are buying the experience, they are buying the value and they are buying the new better life. They are not exactly buying the product they are purchasing, they are buying the feeling they get by that product. For example people do not need a McDonald’s hamburgers but they are still buying them because they taste so good. The hamburgers are not doing anything good for your body but the taste when you eat them is so delicious. This is what I meant. And this is what the Laptop Millionaire meant when he told us to think about how to create more value; if you give more value for people they will give you more money.


My last point from the book for this essay is:

Millionaire Secret: You become who you spend time with.

I have heard that point of view a lot lately and I started to mind what happens around me. I have been very negative person and it was normal for me to complain about almost everything. Now when I have tried to do that less I notice some of my friends are complaining a lot. It makes me realize why it was so normal for me to complain about things around me. You become who you spend time with. I believe this is affecting in our team all the time and we are getting similar day by day. Consequently under the circumstances it is extremely important to act the way that is getting us further. We need to remember that we are the team and there is no such thing as a team without every single of us in it. This means that in our team there are fourteen different persons with fourteen different backgrounds and worldviews. Every one of us is a person with their own mind. I believe that the trick in the team playing is that we do not stick too tight onto where we have been as individuals but learn to see where we want to be with our team. I know I want to go further in my life and achieve huge things and I also know that so does everyone else in our team. Even if the final goal of our lives is not the same, we can help us right now and right here to get a little further. As it is said that we become who we spend time with, it is important that every person from our team is completely in to get further; as one person can make the difference, whether it is good or bad.


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