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The monk who sold his Ferrari!

Kirjoitettu 16.02.15
Esseen kirjoittaja: Aleksi Ihalainen
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Kirja: The monk who sold hiw Ferrari
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Robin S. Sharma
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My past is nothing to do with my future!


I agree, what about you? Sometimes I think that some people are not going to achief anything because they haven´t done it yet. Why I think like that? That´s useless thinking, because it can happen anyday, that someone figure their sucess keys, and crap them. I really have to change my thinking, how could I know that my granparents are going to be more sucsessfull than I ever going to be? I can´t now that, only thing I can do, it´s my actions, where they are leading me at the moment. Do I need to change those?


Your never too young for to succeed!


You don´t always like what you do, but you like the results, so why don´t we just build our own future that we can do what we want. If you don´t learn how to change your thinking, you can´t do differently if you don´t think differently. Success is really simple, if you just follow people and talk with people who know how to do it, you are much closer than you even think.


Avoid gritisism, do nothing, say nothing, get nothing done, that´s what happen if you don´t even try. If you do lot, you will get lots of gritisism. But it doesn´t matter, then you know that you are doing and you have a possibility to be what you want.

If you do lots of mistakes, you know that you are doing lots of things, but people see only the sucsess what you have chief. And that´s what takes most wrong direction, because they think everyone can have success at the first time without mistakes. It can happen,I don´t say that, like you can win in lottory.


You need to change your way of acting, and sometimes say know to small things, and so you have time to say yes for big things. When you have time, use it well, it can give you more time if you spend it right. What I mean with that? You can choose your self, but I have start to use my time 1000% better during 3 years, Like watching TV or Sleeping long. I can do much more from that time, If I only put my head lots of useless info, thats what comes out of my mouth.


Habbits takes you there how you act, they are hard to change, but if you make decission to start the change, you are on the way. You can be anything you want if you can imagine it in your head, and start to change.

I personally enjoy if someone says me: that´s impossible or you don´t have enough time for that. I can use my time how I want so, that´s makes it much more powerfull. And when I don´t have 10 things to focuss on, I can put all my energy to that one thing what I am doing. That´s for many people problem when they are starting to do something new, they do it couple times and then is so much more to do, that it never grow in to habbit.


When you don´t have time to do things you want, it´s really up to you to change that. Only your self have power to stop doing things what takes your time from things you love. You respect time more and more, when you don´t have it so much left. Does it always have to go that way? I really want time for my self and my family. And I am ready to work much more to have time more, it´s not how long you work, it´s what it´s the outcome of your time you have spend for working.


When I am 60 years old, I really don´t want to think anything, that I could not done, because I didn´t have time or money to do it. Because I can Start that change right now! Can you? It´s not my choice, so you better start doing something for that.


Enjoy the special moment, because this day is what we live right now. How many days you are going to wait for something great will happen? Learn how to live your live, too many are living their live by thinking what is going to happen tomorrow or later, why? You are living today, not tomorrow.

It´s really great to have a plan for longer time, but you can go everyday little pit closer for your dream, but you can do it only today! After this day you have again new change!





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