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The subtle art of not giving a F

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Kirja: The subtle art of not giving a F***
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I must admit that as soon I heard about this book I had to get it in my hands (as an audio version). As the catchy headline states, this book is all about learning to concentrate to the important things in your life and not giving a f*** about anything else.

Lately I have noticed that I have become more and more a person who wants to please everyone. If I promise something, I want to make sure that I do my best to fulfill my promise and not to let anyone down. But let’s be honest, it is impossible to please everyone – we shouldn’t even aim to do so. Still for some reason saying no has become hard for me. And now that this habit of mine has become a huge stress factor I have started to wonder what are the reasons behind this kind of behavior and how train myself to say no from time to time.

First things first, if you want to learn to say no, you must have a clear vision about what you want to say yes to. Success requires hard work and no one can work hard enough for things that don’t have a true meaning. I have struggled with this a lot. In the past I have felt that I have no idea what I want to do with my life as I don’t have a clear vision about what kind of work could be my true passion. In a way I feel that the thought about finding one’s true passion is a trap – especially when we are young we live in an illusion that we need to find that one thing that is above everything else and make it our work for the rest of our lives. Making a hobby your work is overly admired, everyone wants to find their dream job and working for a paycheck is seen as settling. I agree that it’s positive that people don’t settle for with a work they don’t enjoy, but sometimes the urge to find a true passion prevents you from doing things you’re not that sure about. Let’s face it – it’s impossible to find your passion only by sitting around and thinking about it. You need to get doing and experimenting different things in order to find out what you really enjoy. I have also learned that if you feel passionate about something now it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be your passion for rest of your life. People grow and will definitely have different kind of priorities throughout the life, so you shouldn’t feel afraid of choosing something that feels right for this period of life. It’s perfectly okay to chance direction!

“It’s okay if you’re not sure of it, as long as you have the feeling of going to the right direction”

In the past year I have started to work more and more on developing my skills as a coach. Last fall I was still very uncertain of what is my place in Team Academy and where am I getting with this degree – or am I getting anywhere? The skills I have been developing the most could be seen as so called soft skills – communication and networking skills, open and curious attitude towards people, ability to organize independently my own work and projects, flexibility, presentation skills, dialogue skills, cultural understanding and language skills and leadership. For some reason, I haven’t seen these skills as valuable as so called hard skills – for example knowledge in marketing, finance or accounting. But now since I was working in Team Academy Perú as an assistant team coach and after attending the first module of Team Mastery UK that is a program to become a team coach, I have realized that those skills I’ve been developing are just as valuable as any other. There is definitely a place for everyone, and certainly the place for me is to work with people helping them to develop themselves and for that my skills are extremely valuable. I’m not a business oriented person and that’s perfectly fine. So now even though I’m still not exactly sure where I want to be heading in the long run, I feel that I’m in the right direction. The art of not giving a F*** is right there: not comparing yourself to others, realizing that you and your skills are valuable, choosing the right path for you and not giving a F*** of the rest.

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