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The Team Coach`s Best Tools

Kirjoitettu 13.04.14
Esseen kirjoittaja: Sara Savolin
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Kirja: The Team Coach`s Best Tools
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Johannes Partanen
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Johannes Partanen`s book presents all the essential tools for a team coach, team company and a teampreneurs, which all of course, are pretty familiar to us and I couldn`t get any new information from it. I`m now mainly focusing on team coach`s important role, and a bit on how it`s working on us right now and how I see myself as a coach.

Rules for team coach are clear, and then again not. You are supposed “to be a friend, but not a friend”. Well I think that could mean that a team coach and a teampreneurs have a trust between them and feel free to be straight forward, but like a friend, team coach is not allowed to be anyone`s personal therapist. He/She should be objective about everything, and it wouldn`t work if he/she had conversations for example about two team member`s conflicts one-on-one. But the trust is still important, and can be gained through other things than being a therapist. I personally think that it`s important that a coach is open to us with his personal life, since we teampreneurs often are too, so it`s just equality. I feel like having any conversation, whether coffeetable conversation or professional, is easier the better you know the person, and his/her character. It is seen right away in attitudes and openness, when a team coach starts to make fun of same things and being as sarcastic in some points as his team…People start to let the coach in better and it shows in everything. Because like it is, no high-performance team have been made without a coach. For me, I feel like putting in my own personality and sharing my own stuff won`t be a problem because as a teampreneur I have learned that well. And the trust comes within, let`s see what the new penguins will feel about that when I`ll be the rental team leader for the next Autumn…

Team coach’s important quality is to make questions that offer no answers but can lead to the right track without the team even knowing how they got to the treasure chest, and they can feel proud of themselves. There I will have a real challenge, because I find it hard to make questions even in situations like after someone`s presentation and then when he asks if anyone have any question. For me it takes time to come up with questions but I think becoming a rental team leader will help me with that.  It was easy to sense that in our Team Mastery program the penguin coaches found it hard to shut up when they obviously knew the answers. That might be because they all had such a strong backgrounds in their own area of business. That`s why it`s kind of an advantage to become a team coach in such an early age as I am now. I don`t have too locked up mindsets and knowledge that I want to brag with, and therefore it`s easier to shut up, and maybe even learn with the coachees.

In Team Mastery we had conversations about whether a team coach should have a business background or not, and we couldn`t find a straight answer to that because there are pros and cons. When your team know that you have done some business before, and have some kind of specialty in that area, of course it builds some kind of trust on the coach when they know that you have gone through the same stuff that they are now and you can share a theory every now and then. But as told previously, it can also cause that you think you already know all the answers based on your past. But things change, and what has worked before, might not be the solution for your coachees this time. I personally don`t mind that much of the background-things as far as the coach gains the trust in some way, know how to make the teampreneurs to find the solutions themselves and can set himself into teampreneurs shoes. And I`m happy that I don`t mind because otherwise I probably felt I should work in some big business before becoming a coach, but what a waste of time would that be if I know what I want to do?

I think the Rocket model was forgotten entirely last autumn, when it could`ve helped us the most through the tough times. But it occurred to no-one`s until it was December, and it was too late to use it`s striving force. I don`t know if our coach could`ve lead us to use it during the autumn, without saying it straight through, but it surely would have helped. But now, having learned from mistake, we know what to do better this spring and our last year to dig up our whole potential.


Summary: The qualities of a good team coach

  1. Trust, trust, trust
  2. Making good, leading questions
  3. Ability to step into teampreneurs shoes

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