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The Tipping Point

Kirjoitettu 22.02.15
Esseen kirjoittaja: Anu Kuivaniemi
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Kirja: The Tipping point
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Malcolm Gladwell
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The Tipping point is a book about how things go big! How small things make all the difference and makes a small thing burst into flames. Gladwell had some conclusions about the factors behind tipping, but overall I got the feeling that it cannot be said exactly. In all the cases a small change made all the difference.
The Tipping point was not a book that is easy to put into practice. It had lots of stories in it about tipping points in different cases. Gladwell told many examples about this phenomenon and all were from different fields. But I did get something concrete out of it anyway.
It gave me hope. I feel it is possible to invent something that will make it big. It has always been a dream of mine to be behind something great and part of people’s everyday life. The problem is I have no idea what this something flammable could be. Will Sopiva design a product that is so good it is worn or used by famous designer all over the world? Are we able to think outside the box? Will we invent something no one else has thought of?
Before this big break in Sopiva’s success, I would like to test the idea in a smaller scale. Gladwell emphasized groups’ effects in tipping points, and it got me thinking our summer project. How could I use this in our sales in Yli-Laurosela? Last summer there was a male choir as my guest in the museum café. It was the last day the café was open for that summer. I had lots of buns and pastry left and of course I wanted to get rid of them. So I started selling.
First it was not working out for me. They did not take the catch. My goal was to get everything sold and out, so that I didn’t have to eat all of it myself. Someone bought something. Someone else also bought something. All of a sudden they were kind of competing who gets what. That was the tipping point I guess. I sold everything I had.
How could I make the same thing happen over and over again at the museum? I know that when tourists come to the museum shop, they act the same way as the men in the choir. “If no one buys, I won’t buy” is the mentality. But if a certain person starts the buying, it could tip in some point. How could I help the process?
I could try saying what is really popular in the shop and what others have bought as a souvenir. Overselling can also be a bad thing. So how will I know? My answer after this book is: I can’t know. There are so many little things that affect to the group in question that I can only wait and see what happens.
Gladwell says there are three types of people that make an epidemic tip; connectors, marketing mavens and salesmen. Connectors are the ones that make the word spread. They know lots of groups of people and use word of mouth to get the message moving. Marketing mavens are the experts. They want to know more and are willing to share their knowledge to others. Salesmen sell of course.
Gladwell also had some interesting knowledge of the number of people we can handle in our circle of relationships. 150 is the magic number. People can only manage 150 different relationships in the level that it does not feel awkward to sit to the same table in a pub and say hi. Tiimiakatemia uses this method. It is consistent with the fact that we have a flat organization. In the book Gladwell told about a company that acts the same way. They build a new plant every time the staff reaches 150 persons. This is an amazing discovery and I am glad we use this in Tiimiakatemia. It is nice to know almost everybody by name and say hi when you cross them. I feel like an important part of the system. I bet I wouldn’t feel like it if there were 400 of us under the same roof!


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