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The Winner Within

Kirjoitettu 26.02.14
Esseen kirjoittaja: Aleksi Ihalainen
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Kirja: Winner Within
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Pat Riley
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Team playing is not just about you, that´s the first thing what we need to understand before we can start creating much more better results. Everytime you can´t choose your team, but everytime you have opportunity to make it work and be the best. In this book, the coach is pretty much leading the team to great result´s, but in this world where I leave, we need to start creating our own  ways for better future. You don´t need to be part of any NBA team that you can be best, just spesialize to you strenght, like thay say ”An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less” It takes time for me to understand this, maybe because I haven´t wound that passion about some area of business yeat, but I will found it, don´t worry.


All of us have at least one great voice inside. People are products of their enviroments. A lucky few are born into situation in which positive messages abound. Other grow up hearing too many message of fear and failure, which they must block out, so the positive can be heard. But emerge, somewhere, sometime, for all of us. Listen for it, and your Breakthroughts will come.


This is really sad, I think. Because people are listening those who are close to you, but how can you block those messages if they are comming from somebody you trust and you like. People are blind for that they are rase for failures. Most don´t beliave them self because they are rase for that. How many time you have been thinking who are the people who have been rase your thought´s. And are they the best way´s to think. I beliave that you will need more better thought´s, because our parent´s are basicly those who effect to our mind set. And now I´m talking about my own experience, for me they where not the best roal model´s and that´s the main reason that I wasn´t so good as I could be because I had so much fear´s inside me. Now I can change my mind set, and I will for listening from the best and reading the book´s that I like.

Greatest voice inside me is coming from Jack Welch, I was listening him last year at the BordicBusinessForum in Jyväskylä and it was really emotional experience, so old and weak man was so strong with he´s words, main point what I remember is, know the way where you are going. That´s what I´m looking for all the time.


When was the last time you fail at something? We don´t talk so much about our failures, but why? Are we fraid of that? We shoud not be, it´s the best thing what could happen to you. But what is the use for failuring? Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. I want to remember those great failures what I have done and think, It was the last time I do that failure. If you don´t get trough it you are going to repeat that.

When you are at the team, you have opportunity to be the best or the worst, It´s hard to be the best if you don´t now what it feels like to be on bottom. When you have been there atleast ones, you don´t want to stay there, but if you don´t try to be better you are not going anywhere.


Don´t try to go 10 percent above it. And don´t let yourself go 10 percent below it. Just concentrate on a moderate, sustainable improvement. As we saw it, a one percent improvement in five areas for twelve players gave us a 60 percent increment!

Do people think like that? Know, they just think they have to be better and forget how can we be better. If you are part of team, would it hurt you or is it possible to increase every one of you actions for 1% on this month? I think so to. If you are reasing 1% every month rest of the year it´s much more possible to keep on that level than if you try to do it ones an your one. I have try it all so to rase my actions on my own, but it just so much better to do it with some one and your not alone with your problems thats what keep me moving.


Do or Die!


The changes in your life aren´t always the ones you hoped for. But they can usually help you grow. I say this: when you face a fork on the road, step on the exhilarator!

I worry about changes earlier, but I what can I do for every single change is face them. So easy and you don´t need to think about week´s for small things. This sound to someones really hardcore, but if you are complaining about something, you shoud do it with an idea to answer to that problem. Otherwise it´s waste of time to complain for that, I think. I don´t know any better way to complain in life.


Story about scorpion and frog!

It seems that a frog was about to jump on the frog pond and paddle himself to the other side. Before he plunged in, a scorpion came rustling up next to him and asked a favor. He said, ”Take me across on your back”.

”Oh, no” the frog said. ”You might sting me.” ”Why would I do that?” the scorpion said. ”If I kill you, I´ll die too.”

So the frog invited the scorpion to climp on his back, and he started swimming over the water. Before he got halfway to the other side, he felt a burning jolt at the base of his neck.

”Why did you sting me?” the frog said. ”Now we´re both going to die!”

”I stung you because that´s what I do, ”the scorpion answered. ”I sting frogs. Thats my nature”

To drive home the point, What is your culture in your company?



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