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The Winner Within

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Kirja: The Winner Within - A Life Plan for Team Players
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Pat Riley
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What’s team building all about? Because it is more than just a perfectly working functions, it is also a feeling that enables high performances. Team building follows a specific story line which constructs it’s foundations.



From nobody to UPSTART

From upstart to CONTENDER

From contender to WINNER

From winner to CHAMPION

From champion to DYNASTY


When team aims to reach out for it’s full potential, it is going to face some obstacles on it’s way. As teams are working together they first of all will encounter those different periods which Katzenbach and Smith describes in their book The Wisdom of Teams. To open it up just a little, team will grow from working group to highly effective team as it is performing together. But in the end there are also these common phases which the book The Winner Within will describe for us.


From the start teams are acting their innocent climb which comes from enthusiasm and unselfishness as team has been formed for the first time. People in teams are new to each other and excited to do something meaningful. They might even achieve something remarkable but as they are not a real team, this kind of accomplishment will cut off very shortly. It can be seen that the seed for team work has been seeded so the growth can happen. There are still unspoken dysfunctions and personal opposition crises between team members will occur.

”Ask not what your teammates can do for you. Ask what you can do for your teammates.” – Magic Johnson

The disease of me is a phase when team members, as working together think that they deserve much more credit for their efforts than can be based to reality. Selfhood will take it’s place in the minds of team members. People will compare themselves to others asking am I enough? Trust is missing. No one is ready to change themselves. But what will turn team efforts to same direction? It is the core covenant that brings team together. It determines if its members are willing to pledge. The main question is are you in? The core covenant is something which is based on team core values and is written or unspoken contract between its members.

”The house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln

Even though team might perform much efficiently now, it still cannot counter yet some thunderbolts or pressure which it will face. Thunderbolts can be accidents or something unexpected which will escalate quickly. It is a phase when no one knows how to manage through that situation. Team has been totally unprepared for it.

After team learn how to survive from thunderbolts, it still cannot find its true potential unless it learns to manage pressure. Team can be performing well, achieving something meaningful, but it still chokes when it is time to take that victory back home. The authentic greatness cannot happen unless team learn to manage these situations.

”The minute you start talking about what you’re going to do if you lose, you have lost.” – George Shultz

The breakthrough will eventually happen. It is a phase when team really understands its potential. Team is performing well together and every function is managed greatly. Every team member is self-imposed and the attitude towards work is good. People can work together and the atmosphere is open. No more thrash talk behind somebody’s back. When team goes for breakthrough it is finally the winner.


”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Achieving something remarkable will create enthusiastic feelings and the risk lies just right there. It can easily lead to weak performances thereafter if team settles down. To become a dynasty team must rise the stakes but before that, it must reflect its dreams towards the future. It can be hard as winning might give you a feeling that all the necessary has been done. But no one remembers winners that won once. People will remember the pure dominance. That’s why you will constantly hear stories about these heroes.

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