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Tiimiakatemia- How to grow into a Teampreneur?

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Kirja: Tiimiakatemia- How to grow into a Teampreneur?
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At first I didn’t understand, why all the coaches (especially Ulla) said that all teampreneurs should read this is book. Like why? We are so into this system and we know how to grow in a teampreneur because I do it in our everyday lifes.  I was so wrong. We are so into this system, we are not able to see things objectively. Because of the book, I kind of woke up. It somehow shook my world as a teampreneur, and it also made me a bit sad. Sad because so many good things in that book, that aren’t done in my team or in Tiimiakatemia anymore.

Tiimiakatemia values- are we committed to those?

I started to wonder, how many Tiimiakatemia teampreneurs really care about Tiimiakatemia values and vision? Who can say from the bottom of the heart that he or she is committed to Tiimiakatemia values? And what if you are not committed to those values and you still want to study in Tiimiakatemia? Can you start a coup against our values? Because you know, values have been decided years ago, and they are not something you change all the time. It’s like in normal company: if you can’t commit to company values, do you resign or start to rebel? Tiimiakatemia is not a school, it’s a company. So why people who want to study in Tiimiakatemia don’t get to see those values before they apply?

Have people been more committed to Tiimiakatemia values before? Do our penquins even know much about leading thoughts and values of Tiimiakatemia? Did our penquins actually have Leading thoughts workshops this autumn? If we don’t take responsibility for those, no wonder our legacy is dying and people are not committed to values.

Tiimiakatemia values:

1)    Human relationships, Building and Maintaining Partnerships

2)     Teampreneurship. Continuous training sessions and working together. We coach ourselves to create our own workplace. There is power in our network. We know and understand our responsibility of our environment and we help each other.

3) Continuous experimenting and creating something new

4) Practicality and Learning By Doing

5) Travelling/Internationality

Responsibility of our environment

Environment in this case means Tiimiakatemia. We are responsible for our culture and legacy. We need to share knowledge and have fun. We are literally responsible for our environment in Savela, because sometimes it looks like a landfill. That’s also communication for people outside of this house, and looking like a landfill is not good.

Continuous experimenting and creating something new

We need to admit it. Tiimiakatemia is not so new thing it has been. All the coaches have tried to say this for a long time. We haven’t done many big things in few years. So big things we could get to news, for example. We are not in a leading position anymore. As a school we are, but in a young entrepreneur scene not. There are all kinds of Start-up Saunas and everything popping out, and anyone with an enough good idea can join in.
I think fear has landed to our hearts and minds. We don’t have encourage to create something new, because we are afraid to fail. And I really don’t know why is that so. Have we been told that “everything was better before” or has it really been so?

Travelling and Internationality

In internationality we should take example of our Basque friends, who have their Learning Journey. Can you imagine, that at the very beginning of their Team Academy path they go and do business outside their own country? And then Tiimiakatemia people come to say “Naah, why are they just doing some party and selling tapas?” Hey, why don’t you go to Basque Country and arrange a party there. People don’t realize how brave these Basque penquins really are. I guess that none of Finnish teampreneurs has guts to do that. Easy to judge others doings, but how about when you should try something by yourself? And on second year, these guys go to Silicon Valley and they do business there. Screw you Finnish Teampreneurs, I say. Basques really understand what international business is, Finnish teampreneurs are just taking baby steps compared to that. I’m not a saint in this myself, just thinking about this.


Principles to complement the values of Tiimiakatemia

1)    The Individuals Responsibility

–          Everything starts from the individual. Teampreneurs must earn their place in the team company every day. Freedom brings responsibility, and that is why we don’t blame anyone else but ourselves.

2)    Activity

–          We learn and achieve results for our team companies in co-operation with our customers. What we do is fun, fruitful and noticeable.

3)    Teampreneurship

–          Every team company has to examine what added value brings to Tiimiakatemia. We develop ourselves in our team companies where everyone helps each other. Our objectives and performances guide our work.

4)    Knowledge flow

–          Every Teampreneur must understand the big picture of Tiimiakatemia’s operations. They must also create new knowledge and spread it across boundaries.

5)    Learning

–          New insights spring from dialogue and discussion, sharing experiences, observations, books and from doing.

6)    Legacy

–          We cherish our culture and will leave  a legacy for future Teampreneurs

What added value do we bring to Tiimiakatemia?

Few days ago I was talking with Garazi(Basque coach) about teams. It’s good that we have many kind of teams. But basically there are two types of teams. Teams those are very lively and kind of “showman” teams and teams who are bit shy and not center of all attention. And it’s good! Because as book said, maybe these kind of shy teams have their own strengths and they are good in basic things like reading, customer visits etc. We need both kind of teams to keep legacy alive. I know that those kinds of showman teams are very respected in Tiimiakatemia. People often think that those kinds of teams are better also in business.

I started to think what is the added value Soulinc. brings to Tiimiakatemia. I think we aren’t giving anything big to Tiimiakatemia as a team, but as individuals. Niko is leading Learning Expedition. Asiakasnäkökulma is big innovation of our boys. Vilppu is kind of “everyman” and very liked in Tiimiakatemia. But as a team, our added value is kind of lost. Should we maybe think this as a team? I think in our 24 hour birthgiving we brought some real 5E as an added value. Should we strengthen that because it’s obvious we are good in it? Maybe more 5E in Rocket days we are arranging in spring?


I’m a teamplayer. I feel best and most efficient when I’m working with a team. I like to help people and as a team player I help the team. That’s why I like it. In my opinion and if I could decide, I would be in a team of Letim. Letim makes team mates do things for the team, together. I think that is part of his style called “hiekkoittaminen”. That is challenging people. Challenging the process. Challenging the team. And that is what makes team strong. To make together.

I’m proud to be in Soul Included. We have a team who knows how to use every team members skills. We have great time together. And on our third year I can see that we want to make more things together. People are starting to think big goals as a team. All we are missing is encourage to take risks. We are doing way too much projects as individuals. But I don’t know how could I make us to do more projects together and that bothers me. Maybe we should put us a goal that everybody makes example two customer visits in a month and tries to get us some project. Even if we say we want to make a project together it won’t drop in our laps from heaven.

Legacy of Tiimiakatemia

One of my biggest concerns in Tiimiakatemia is our legacy and culture. Because culture is getting meaningless, people aren’t a tribe. They are just group of people studying same way. And then comes that we are no more committed to our big picture, to Tiimiakatemia’s vision. We actually arent’t committed to cherish our culture, or do international business. We just want to learn in Tiimiakatemia way and that’s it. People should understand, that it’s not so simple! There is also responsibility of your environment, as our values say. Tiimiakatemia can’t no longer be Tiimiakatemia, if we aren’t doing as our values say. We are something else. So what should we do? Now I realize, that LÄN really needs to take some actions in TA-talkkari and in “Viva la Revolution”! We have to wake up Uniklubi and start doing. We have a vision, but we are missing a leader. Who will take leadership?

Many things in Tiimiakatemia are changing. Some things are supposed to change, but some things are not. And by reading this book, I think something good could happen, so we won’t lose our legacy.

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