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Tiimivalmentajan parhaat työkalut/Team coach’s best tools

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Kirja: Team Coach's best tools
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Johannes Partanen
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The second module of the International Team Coach Development-program by Mimmutti aka Mimmu Hirvonen is getting closer.

The program is all about getting into secrets of team coaching. As a teampreneur it has been challenging yet rewarding to get into the perspective of a team coach. As a ‘’friend leader’’ I can coach my peers by my own example, and share knowledge of the core of Team Academy that we seek in the program.

In Team Academy we have numerous tools to develop our team companies. But where to find them? In the first module in Switzerland I was shocked, how good the tools actually are. And why on earth my team doesn’t use these! ‘’Things would have definitely been easier with these’’, I thought in the middle of a small village in Switzerland. As cliché that it sounds, sometimes you have to travel far to see close.


If you want to get into the core of team coaching, you have to check Team coaches best tools by Johannes Partanen.

The book was short, but full of information and background stories of the theories that we use. I felt like I was close to the roots of Team Academy. Well, could you expect less from a book which is written by the founder of Team Academy.


The rocket model


Getting into the rocket model wasn’t as easy as I thought. Walking around Team Academy you can see one here and there, but do you really understand it?

Just recently our team has got involved with The rocket model points and the processes of teampreneur, teams and team company’s learning. Before we followed the processes with an attitude next to ‘’whatever’’. Luckily now we have taken the path towards success.


It was important to realize the importance of the individual. The rocket model’s base, the motors consist of 3 elements:

Teampreneurs learning process

Team’s learning process

Team company’s learning process


A team is as strong as the weakes individual. The whole team suffers if one doesn’t read books, share knowledge or do projects.

Let’s take football for example. The football team trains together to achieve certain goals like winning nationals. Everybody wants to help the team by being their best at the main event. Players train their core, agility and speed daily, because they want to develop. The energy of the team is focused only in one direction, their goal.


In my opinion, the rocket model is a great tool to focus team’s energy into certain goals. With the use of rocket model it’s easier to understand the level’s we have to go trough as becoming a great team company. Even though every team player has one’s own strengths and weaknesses, rocket model works.

I picked up the best tools to develop myself (and Mahtia) as an individual (individuals)


Training diary

Learning contracts

A list of books that has been read

Links to essay bank rated from best to worse

List of projects and documents from them (motorolas, budgets, commercials, plans etc)

List of contacts and customers

Reflections from leadership roles and experiences

Skill profile with a short analysis

Reflection papers from team company

Annual reflections from learning



Theory into practice


Learning by doing is all about bringing theory into practice. For example, leadership is something you have to practice in real life. Only reading books doesn’t make one a great leader.

A project is always a process.

  • Who does?
  • How does?
  • When does?
  • How is it measured?


All actions should be considered as projects. By that it’s easier to manage the actions around it. A good project has a 3 phases: Tasks to do before project, in the middle of the project and in the ending of the project.


Pre-project tasks

  • Pre-motorola
  • Picking the right books for the project
  • Project plan


In the middle of action

  • Practices of the project
  • The team coaches support
  • Ristipölytykset


(before this I didn’t realise that ristipölytys could be used this way)


In the end

  • Post-motorola
  • Birthgiving
  • Raport



Partanen also gives a simple ecample of a project plan, that I think many forget while doing with enthusiasm

  1. Background, meaning and goals
  2. The actions
  3. Action and resource plan, includes the budget
  4. Timetable
  5. Project organization
  6. The communication


These simple yet smart tools really makes thing easier to adapt. Basically it’s all about processes that need leading. As a teampreneur and maybe a future team coach this really helps.





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